One of Campy’s most iconic designs gets a new look for the holidays… in shiny chrome. The Campagnolo Big Corkscrew is at once an undeniably solid design, and the definition of over the top. I mean, do you really need a two hundred euro corkscrew engineered by Tulio Campagnolo in 1966 to crack open a bottle of wine. If you totally think it is reasonable to shell out for a Campy Corkscrew, like me you probably always wished for a nicer finish than the faux aged bronze, or the just OK satin silver, straight out of the machine look. Now you’re in luck with two new shiny chrome finishes, because every Campagnolo component looks better when it’s polished to a mirror sheen!

The Campagnolo Big Corkscrew, now in high gloss chrome

The Big Corkscrew in shiny chrome by Campagnolo

Campagnolo’s The Big Corkscrew has been a mainstay in the esoteric cycling collectibles corner of the Italian drivetrain maker for more than five decades since Tulio apparently designed it after pinching himself with a lesser opener. Unchanged other than in finishes in that time, the oversized & ostentatious wine bottle opener has become something of an icon. It is said to exude Italian craftsmanship, but to me the styling has been lacking at least since Campy shifted to the most recent faux bronze & satin silver. Now a couple of chrome finishes set that styling right.

Big Corkscrew – Tech details

The Big Corkscrew in shiny chrome by Campagnolo

Now available in both a shiny sliver chrome (below) and a second shiny dark gray chrome (above), this latest iteration of the Big Corkscrew retains the same design & details of the 12″/30cm tall original. That means the same self-centering over the bottle neck that ensures a centered bore into the cork, and a perfect depth screw that is said to never pierce through the cork.

The Big Corkscrew in shiny chrome by Campagnolo

Still entirely made-in-Italy at Campy’s Vicenza HQ & factory, down to the bolts straight out of an old 70s era Super Record crankset, the hefty 525g all steel construction is likely to last for decades of popping celebratory bottles of wine.

The Big Corkscrew in shiny chrome by Campagnolo

Both the new chrome & dark chrome versions are available now direct from Campagnolo for 199€, with free global shipping. That also knocks the bronzed & satin versions down to 171€, if those are your style.

Is the Big Corkscrew better than whatever you are opening bottles of with at home right now? Most definitely yes.


  1. $200. We have officially jumped the shark. Here is a secret…you can get a wine opener for $10 that will open your wine exactly the same as this one.

    • disagree – the Silca $40 titanium straw is the height of ridiculous. This Campy opener, while extravagant, is a beautiful piece of history. If I drank wine, I’d seriously consider getting one.

      • Campagnolo invented this corckscrew design… which is best design for a proper bottle opener. Portable and easy to use. Silca should just change name because it is a commodity brand and it has nothing to do with the original Silca.

  2. The bike shop I worked gave me one as a wedding present. It really is the best corkscrew ever though it feels funny to use a $200 corkscrew to open a $15 bottle of wine! Then again that’s no more silly than using a $5,000 racing bike to go for a leisurely 50 mile bike ride. 😉

  3. I find it funny the way people here and pretty much so many sites that allow comments have people that just love to complain all of the time. Here is a novel idea, if you are not interested in a product don’t buy it.

    Love all this stuff. Keeps cycling fun and interesting.

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