Last winter clothing maker Ornot introduced their Magic Shell jacket using the latest, super stretchy windproof & highly water resistant Polartec NeoShell softshell fabric. We’ve been in this great jacket since to survive wet & cold rides, but now it gets updated with improved pockets, better zip backing & a new deep red color option. Plus, they’ve added a new thermal Power Wool long sleeve jersey so you can layer up for more warmth with conditions degrade… ornot.

Ornot updates Magic Shell, weatherproof NeoShell cycling jacket

2019 Ornot Magic Shell jacket original, weatherproof Polartec NeoShell waterproof softshell cycling jacket

That original breathable & waterproof Magic Shell kept our founder Tyler comfy & protected from the harsh elements in Iceland this past summer (what is summer in Iceland anyway!) during the most brutal of his 11 hour run at The Rift 200km gravel race. You can check how he did here: trying to chase the pros, if you want to see one of our own get dropped in a cold rain…

Now the jacket gets a few small, but key updates that make it better than ever…

What’s new?

2020 Ornot Magic Shell jacket update, weatherproof Polartec NeoShell waterproof softshell cycling jacket

photos c. Ornot

The updated Magic Shell jacket still is made of the same light and breathable NeoShell softshell that Polartec calls ‘waterproof’. Ornot doesn’t tape the seams because they aren’t trying to build a rain jacket, rather more of an all-rounder that maintains the full stretch of the lightweight softshell fabric.

2020 Ornot Magic Shell jacket update, weatherproof Polartec NeoShell waterproof softshell cycling jacket

What they have added is a large hidden zip rear pocket that spans the entire width of the lower back so you can pack more gear on the go. It also features a new two-way zipper backing construction with zipper garage flaps top & bottom for improved comfort. Lastly, it isn’t only in black, adding a deep burgundy red color option too.

2020 Ornot Magic Shell jacket update, weatherproof Polartec NeoShell waterproof softshell cycling jacket

Pricing is mostly the same, just a few bucks extra at 218€, with the small jacket now packing down to a weight of 255g still about the size of a small water bottle.

2020 Ornot Power Wool thermal long sleeve jersey

Ornot Power Wool thermal long sleeve jersey

Now for a new cold weather season, Ornot are giving the Magic Shell a companion insulation layer in the new long sleeve Power Wool thermal jersey. Constructed from Polartec’s technical merino wool & synthetic combo, the Power Wool jersey puts merino next to the skin for cozy warmth & wicking, with a technical nylon outer layer that makes it durable. Less than 1/6th of the Polartec Power Wool fabric is actually wool, but they say the advanced knitted construction gets all the best performance characteristics out of those super fine natural fibers while creating a much longer lasting fabric overall.

Ornot Power Wool thermal long sleeve jersey

The $149 Power Wool thermal jersey comes in both khaki tan & stone blue. It features a conventional three rear pocket layout, a one-way YKK zipper with top & bottom zip garages & reflective detailing. And like the Magic Shell jacket, it is hand sewn in California & available now.


  1. Velo Kitty on

    Not taping the seams is a cost-cutting measure. Also I think the jacket lacks a water-resistant zipper. I Ornot should have gone the full nine yards and taped the seams, or gone the other way, and made the fabric Polartec Powershield Pro which is essentially waterproof, but more breathable than Neoshell.

  2. Velo Kitty on

    p.s. Didn’t Ornot claim before that the Magic Shell uses knit polyester instead of woven polyester and thus is more stretchy due to that? I don’t see any mention of knit fabric now.

    The jacket appears to use a #5 zipper, which is a good thing.

  3. Ornotbike (@Ornotbike) on

    Hi @velo kitty, you are correct, our Magic Shell still uses the same stretchy knit/knit fabric that we were the first ones to use in a cycling jacket last year. The unique construction of the membrane also allows The stretch. There are a few reasons we didn’t tape the seams, and yes, one of them was keeping the cost down. Also, making garments with taped seams is not possible here in the USA. But the real reason, is because this is a jacket built for aerobic activity which means you are guaranteed to create moisture on the inside. We focused on breathability, which is what this fabric is good at. If it’s dumping outside, a seam taped jacket will still leave you wet inside as water gets in through the neck and runs down behind the waterproof zipper as well as water up the sleeve cuffs and bottom hem. Just wait until you see our “wind jacket” that we’re working on, it lets some wind through in exchange for… breathability. Just our 2 cents.


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