Chrome Industries is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a special edition of the Citizen messenger bag. Their iconic bag will have four new retro-inspired fabric patterns, along with the classic seatbelt buckle we are all accustomed to.

The Citizen is Chrome’s go-to bag, with room for a 17″ Macbook pro and a host of your other gear. Each bag is also built with a waterproof liner, daisy chain loops for accessories, and reflective cargo straps for nighttime visibility.

As for those new colorways…

  • Glitter – Like the old school banana seats and bike frames we rode as kids.
  • Checkered Flag – It’s all about taking the flag … Every day.
  • Neon Splatter – Like space, when you’re spaced. If you have to ask…
  • Old School – Original messenger colors from the 90’s, but with new bag smell.

The 25th Anniversary Citizen bags are available now for $140. Chrome is donating 2% of sales to the Citizen Chrome grant program, funding artists, makers, and riders who invest their time and energy into improving their cities.


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