High Country have developed their unique take on bike frame protection, debuting their first product in the form of modular carbon fiber bicycle frame armor. The bike frame protector is composed of 11 carbon fiber plates backed by EVA foam. The modular design is meant to work with any downtube, with interlocking plates allowing the protection to mold to a specific shape. And, technically, you could put it on any bike, not just carbon…

High Country Carbon Frame Protector


We’ve all heard it. The ominous noise of a rock kicked up off the trail smashing into the underside of the frame. You wince, hope for the best, and carry on riding. Most of the time you get away with it. The rock bounces off and the frame is unharmed. Alex Worthington, founder of High Country, wasn’t so lucky. An angry trail projectile hit the rubber protection of the downtube of his bike, cracking it and the carbon frame underneath it, prompting him to design the new carbon frame protector.

carbon frame protector

Alex is producing the carbon fiber armor himself, at his apartment, by hand. He says it’s a time-consuming process. That, and the base cost of carbon fiber, is the reason for the $120 price tag. The carbon frame protector is said to be super tough, having been tested in mud, rain snow, etc.. And lightweight, weighing a claimed 60g for the 11 pieces.

mtb frame protection
The High Country Carbon Frame Protector mounted to a Trek Slash

For your hard earned cash, you get ten strips of interlocking armor, plus one leading hexagon. The armor is shipped with heavy duty backing tape. Simply peel if off and mount it at your chosen location.

high country armor
The armor is mounted to the frame via heavy duty mounting tape.
mtb frame protection
Looks like Alex’s Trek could do with some love from Sendhit’s stanchion repair kit

The Carbon Frame Protector can be installed in the traditional place, at the bottom of the downtube where rocks most frequently hit, or further up the downtube nearer the front of the bike, to protect the frame during transport.



  1. This type of protection should come standard on a carbon frame mtb. Good frame to use in their ad, I actually had one render useless after the frame cracked just below the BB where the stock guard doesn’t cover.

  2. The shapes and modular application seem to be a good fit for lots of different downtube shapes. I agree that the adhesive probably needs to follow the shape of the carbon pads, but otherwise a pretty solid idea.

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