Rudy Project announced the new Cutline series of eyewear for cycling, running and other outdoor activities. With many color options plus Rx compatibility, it aims to suit a wide range of needs. The wide wraparound lenses also feature customizable bumpers, which allow for varying levels of visibility and face protection.

There are lots of different ways to cut the cake in terms of sunglass adjustments and features. Rudy has shown some interesting ideas, and the Cutline makes it easy with two small buttons to release the lens…

The other interesting idea is the use of customizable “bumpers” – check out the video below for a quick demo.

According to Rudy representatives,

“The Cutline proprietary removable bumpers enhance rider safety by preventing contact or injuries between lens and face. Cutline features 4 different bumpers configurations to meet riders needs: fully loaded 4 bumpers option, 2 lower or two upper bumpers, or the possibility to wear the sunglasses without bumpers. Cutline bumpers, enhancers, nosepads and temple tips are easily interchangeable offering multiple color options to customize your eyewear.”

Cutline also features their proprietary Power Flow System for enhanced ventilation, using four main vents.

Color options galore! A wide range is available, with options for ImpactX photochromic lenses and prescription use.

The Cutline series is available as a 2020 product, with pricing TBD. Check out the link below for more information.



  1. PoorInRichfield on

    Decent looking alternative to Oakley’s. However, the upper and lower “bumpers” don’t seem to add any functionality. They just add a little weight and are one more thing to fall off the glasses and get lost.

    • Clay on

      They’ve had the bumpers on other models for years, they fit pretty snug I’ve never had one fall off. It’s also like 2 grams of rubber so weight? Function is arguable but with a smaller face I like them because the bumper feels better against my cheek then the lense, plus it keeps less oil and dirt from transferring to the lense. It also protects the lense edge during transport or other times it would come into contact with anything. I doubt full face helmets play into it at all as their bread and butter is Triathletes.

  2. TruckNutZ on

    I found the bumpers help stiffen up the lens which (in my past experience) can be a bit flexy when run as a shield, & to echo @Clay, I’ve never had a bumper fall of on my previous models.


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