Bike racing in 2020 is cancelled. But it looks like no informed the organizers of the Tour de Quarantine of that fact. Fun fact, Brad Sohner used to be a contributor here at Bikerumor back in the day. That was until the world realized he had serious talent as a bike race announcer. Since then, Brad has been the voice of some of the biggest events on the calendar. But what is a race announcer to do when there are no races?

Create your own race, of course. Tour de Quarantine kicked off with a thrilling stage one culminating on the Alpe d’ River.

Stage two delivered similar levels of racing excitement and tactics.

Stage three just dropped today!

Who will win the Tour de Quarantine? How many stages will there be? Tune in to find out.


  1. The interview of the Stage 3 winner made me spit coffee on my keyboard. “My mom’s gonna kill me for getting my jersey dirty, but, you know, ‘Send it, Bro.'” LOL!

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