Yes, bike shops have been deemed essential services. That means you can still go down to your local bike shop to pick out a new ride, or get an old ride repaired. Understandably though, not everyone wants to physically step foot in a bike shop currently – or any shop for that matter.

To help bike shops keep the lights on, and to help Salsa customers hoping to find their next ride, Salsa Cycles just announced their Adventure At Your Doorstep program. Effective immediately, Salsa dealers in the United States and Canada can sell Salsa bikes and frames online or over the phone. Then they’re allowed to ship those products directly to your door step. The dealers still get their sale, and you get your new bike all without ever stepping foot outside your house.

Now that it’s easier than ever to purchase a new Salsa, it seems like the perfect time to introduce their latest update…

Updated Salsa Warroad leads the charge on and off road, right to your door with direct shipping

Initially introduced around this time last year, the Warroad is Salsa’s endurance road bike. As they put it, they Warroad is for 80% road, 20% whatever. You have your choice of wheels with the Warroad as Salsa will sell the bike with either 650b x 47mm tires or 700c x 28mm tires. However the frame will clear up to 700c x 35mm rubber as well. You’ll also find room for full coverage fenders on 700c x 30mm or 650b x 42mm tires.

The actual frame remains unchanged for 2020, with the carbon construction and their Class 5 VRS (Vibration Reduction System) to smooth out the ride. Endurance road geometry includes a 71° head tube angle, and 415mm chainstays.

Updated Salsa Warroad leads the charge on and off road, right to your door with direct shipping

The Warroad sets itself apart from a number of endurance road bikes with features like 3-4 bottle or accessory mounts, top tube mounts for top tube bags, internal dynamo cable routing on the fork with side mounted three pack mounts, plus rear rack and dropper post compatibility.

Updated Salsa Warroad leads the charge on and off road, right to your door with direct shipping Updated Salsa Warroad leads the charge on and off road, right to your door with direct shipping

In total, the Warroad will be offered in eight different builds along with a frameset option. Pricing starts with the Warroad Carbon Tiagra 650 at $1,999 and tops out at the Warroad Carbon Force AXS 700 at $5,899. The frameset which can be used for either wheel size will sell for $1,999 – which means unless you really like the color, you’d be better off buying the Tiagra build and selling off the extra parts!


  1. I really wish they had eked in clearance for 32s with fenders. The GK Slick 32s are so good I can’t imagine going back to 28s.

    FWIW, the Tiagra build comes with an aluminum steerer version of the fork, whereas the frameset comes with a full carbon steerer. Not sure that’s worth giving up a full build kit, but thought it was worth mentioning.

    • The Tiagra model you are looking at is a closeout bike from earlier in the year. This is only available in a 650c wheel. But yes it does come with a Steel steer-tube.

          • Pretty sure Ritchey still makes one and Trek definitely used them for well over a decade. Still may find them on the lower end bikes.

          • @dr_lha: Salsa most certainly makes forks with aluminum steerer tubes, it’s actually a very common design for less-expensive carbon forks. Although they might be a bit heavier than a full carbon fork, they also tend to be less likely to be crushed by a hamfisted mechanic without a proper torquewrench.

          • Almost all premium MTB forks have aluminum steerer tubes. It’s very common for mid grade carbon forks and very well proven.

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