A new Fidlock Twist 590 water bottle is the first real design update since their magnetic cageless bottle concept debuted three years ago. While it’s not the first cageless bottle design we’ve seen or tried, over those three years, it has won us over with security & versatility. Now this new & slightly smaller 590 bottle promises to fit even more bikes, is easier to use, cleaner, and stays more securely attached to your bike.

Fidlock Twist 590 magnetic cageless water bottle

Fidlock Twist 590 magnetic cageless water bottle

With low profile removal, the magnetic Fidlock Twist mounting concept has been a great way to fit bottles onto everything from small full-suspension mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, or even heavily-loaded down bikepacking rigs. Then the addition of the Boa-powered Uni Connector mount has made it possible to mount anything from more snacks to a small tool roll anywhere you had a set of bottle bosses (or anywhere there was extra room thanks to a uni base universal strap mount). But the water bottle itself was the core application, and was due for a refresh as many other water bottles evolved with softer plastic, more comfortable high flow valves.

Now that new Twist 590 offers those improvements and more…

What’s new in Fidlock bottles?

Fidlock Twist 590 magnetic cageless water bottle

The most obvious update is a new flip top cap to keep dirt out of the new soft leak-proof and self-sealing valve (much like used in similar self-closing bottles). That’s a welcome addition and completely necessary for anyone riding with a bottle in that third cage position under the down tube these days. The removable cap is easy enough to flip open against your leg or your handlebar, as it’s not otherwise one handed.

The new Italian-made bottle is constructed from a new softer, grippier & more squeezable BPA-free polyethylene plastic vs. the polypropylene of the originals. It is still dishwasher-safe and comes in either clear transparent or black transparent. The new bottle holds 590ml of water (down 10ml from the original) due to a revised shape that is meant to fit bottle more closely together on bikes with bosses low in the frame.

Fidlock Twist 590 magnetic cageless water bottle

The magnetic Twist mechanism is backwards-compatible with all Fidlock Twist bases. And while it looks almost the same, subtle revisions make it hold more securely to those magnetic posts on the Bike Base bottle boss mounts. The new bottle is apparently co-molded over the updated Twist mechanism too, so the connection is more stable and secure, without the need for the past generation’s ‘Gravity Kit’ band even for rough off-road use.

Fidlock Twist 590 bottle – Pricing & availability

Fidlock Twist 590 magnetic cageless water bottle

The new Twist 590 bottle is available now direct from Fidlock for 40€ including the standard Bike Base mount, or from all Fidlock retailers. Replacements of the new 590 bottle are not yet available separately for those already with Fidlock mounts, but will likely be in the future, as well as updated versions of the smaller Twist 450 kids bottle and a Twist toolbox.



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