Cedric Gracia has joined forces with Andorran-based Forestal to bring to market an enduro e-MTB. But this is not just any e-bike. The Forestal Syrion is a carbon single-pivot full suspension enduro bike, built with Forrestal’s Twin Levity suspension platform and their own-design EonDrive Motor. Forestal have taken integration to the next level, integrating into the top tube a Smart Dashboard touch screen display unit with navigation and mapping software, assist control, and plethora information services on training, bike condition, air time, battery status, G-Forces and more. We take a closer look.

Forestal Syrion enduro e-MTB


Forestal claim a frame weight of 2.4 kgs in size medium


One of the most impressive things about the Forestal Siryon is its weight. Forestal claim a weight of 17.4 kgs in size medium, fully built up. That’s super low for a long travel e-MTB, almost comparable to a fully built Specialized Turbo Levo SL. The frame itself weighs a claimed 2.4 kgs, composed of a cocktail of T1000, T800 and T700 carbon fibres. As ever, the blend of carbon is optimized for weight, stiffness and strength.


The Siryon has some modern geometry figures across its S-XL size range. The head angle is a slack 64 degrees while the seat angle is nice and steep at 77 degrees. The size range should cover rider heights from around 165cm, right up to 187cm and perhaps beyond. Reach figures are healthy but not overly generous, starting at 428mm in small, stretching to 508mm in XL. Seat tube lengths cover a 420mm to 500mm range.

twin levity suspension platform emtb enduro electric mountain bike

The Siryon is a single-pivot suspension system sporting 170mm of rear wheel travel serviced by Forestal’s Twin Levity design. It is composed of a single pivot, rocker and connecting rod, with linkage-driven kinematics. The rear end pivots about direct in-mould main bearings.

EonDrive Motor


Forestal have designed their very own proprietary motor for the Syrion; the EonDrive. It uses titanium for key components to keep the weight down, housed within a magnesium shell. The EonDrive weighs in at 1.95kgs, offering a 250W range and 60 Nm torque. It gives a Q-Factor of 170mm and takes standard chainrings and ISIS spline cranks. Forestal say that when riding without assistance the EonDrive is completely disengaged. As a result, there is no friction at the transmission, no noise and no drag. Only resistance-free pedalling.

eondrive ebike-motor-emtb-29er

Forestal’s Aurora Battery powers the EonDrive motor. It is fully integrated into the Siryon’s downtube and boasts an output of 350Wh at 51V. An hour and 24 minutes charge time will give you 80% capacity.forestal-siryon-geometry-emtb-enduro

The Smart Bit

Here’s where things get a little weird. OK, the whole smart integration thing isn’t super new, but Forestal have taken it up several gears. First up, the Forestal Syrion features an immersive 3.2” touch-screen high-definition display integrated into the top tube. Through this, you can learn about the battery life, the level of assist you’re getting from the EonDrive, and some basic things about your location.


On top of that, integrated mapping software allows you to navigate and record your rides. You’ll never forget your Garmin again. Its equivalent is part of your bike. Through this you can also get training data, such as heart rate, power, speed, elevation gain, etc. It doesn’t come with a power meter but clearly you can link one up to it.


The Forestal Siryon also has a built in accelerometer, measuring the G-Forces you subject your bike to; cool if you’re interested in seeing how different suspension settings change the forces transmitted to the bike. The Siryon also measures air time, so you can brag to your mates about the number of milliseconds you grabbed on that last table.

Pricing & Availability


The Forestal Syrion enduro e-mtb is available to pre-order now for a pre-sales price of €7,999. That gets you a complete bike, with DVO Jade X Coil shock, DVO Onyx 170mm fork, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, Crankbrothers Synthesis E Carbon wheelset, Magura MT7 4-Pot brakes and Forrestal’s EonDrive Motor. Customers can expect delivery in October 2020.



  1. Jeff on

    So a person that is paid by a bike manufacturer, hired to promote a specific bike, gives his approval of said bike? SHOCKING!!! It must be an amazing bike then. Clearly there is no other reason for him to promote that bike other the is pure awesomeness!!!

  2. Jimmyboy on

    He is a partner, he’s put his own money in this bike and a lot of time and energy. He’s not going to want to ride or sell a shit bike.

  3. Jeff on

    So even more reason that his opinion does not mean squat!! I am not passing judgement on how crappy this bike is. only that it is pointless to have someone who is financially tied to the company singing it’s praises. even more so if he is a partner. Also you are pretty foolish if you think that people don’t promote and sell garbage products.

  4. gringo on

    So they put all their money into developing a proprietary motor and software, and bought a battery to go with it?

    Please tell me they have some kind of plan….a real plan…. for warranty and service.

    If they would have put all these development Euros into achieveing the same weight, but using a Shimano or Bosch System, it would have been an easy sell, with zero service questions.

    I wish them luck.

    • zappy on

      they didn’t develop a proprietary motor, but they customize (make it lighter and more esthetic) a Bafang one with Bafang support.

  5. Lester Binegar on

    Looks promising! The weight of the bike is right where it needs to be. Love the motor disengagement. Can’t wait to see it in reality but as others posted, having the support for potential issues will be key. MY other question; Is there a range extender of some sort? Given the motor output and battery size, it would be needed to go for a 3+ hour fun ride in the Rocky Mountains.


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