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Based out of Lindon, Utah, Fezzari is quickly growing to be one of the premier consumer direct bike brands in the U.S. But more than just another mail-order bike brand, Fezzari is trying to do things differently, which is why they’ve offered to answer your questions about their bikes or buying a bike on the internet in general. Check out the answers below, and feel free to drop any additional questions for Fezzari in the comment section!

In what country are your frames manufactured? – Erik

Fezzari Bicycles: We design, engineer, and assemble our bikes in Utah, USA. Our frames are manufactured in our factories in Taiwan (where almost all high-end brand bikes are built).

AASQ #68: Fezzari answers your questions about their bikes, and buying them online

Are you planning to release a new Shafer or Empire that accepts wider tires? 

Fezzari: We are always innovating and working on future projects. That may be a possibility in the near future. Although we’ve found for most gravel riding 40c tires are a great sweet spot between size, speed and comfort (which is what the Shafer runs).

And, what is frame weight for the Shafer? – Ted

Fezzari: Depending on the size, the frameset weighs around 1200 grams. Although still light, there is added strength for off-road riding.

AASQ #68: Fezzari answers your questions about their bikes, and buying them online

What you offer is sooooo close to what I want: an aluminum Horst-link (Horst-ish, anyway) bike. Using your filters, I find that there are no 27.5 (NOT 27.5+) full suspension bikes in aluminum. Why not? – Tim

Fezzari: There are pros and cons to different wheel sizes. 29er is the fastest rolling wheel size and tackles rough terrain more confidently than smaller wheel sizes. On the other hand, 27.5+ wheels offer great handling and control. We used to make lots of 27.5 sized bikes, but found that the other two wheel sizes offer better all-around performance and control. Through our frame design and engineering we feel we’ve been able to find that perfect balance. Many people have commented how fast our bikes roll both up and downhill, but how they handle as if they were on a smaller wheel size.

How come no one makes any 27.5 120-140mm trail bikes anymore?

Fezzari: Same reason as above. We are able to get the faster 29er wheel size on our bikes nowadays without compromising handling and agility.

If I am in the state of Utah, can I come by the factory to demo one of your bikes?
(After Covid-19 is not an issue, of course) – Ken

Fezzari: Yes, of course! In fact, we recently moved into our new HQ in Lindon, UT. We have a beautiful showroom for people to come see and even test our bikes in person.

For your 30 day return policy, what’s the fine print? Can I return a bike that’s been ridden if I don’t like it, or it’s the wrong size? What happens to the bikes that get returned? – Ben

Fezzari: No fine print! As long as the bike isn’t damaged, we invite our customers to ride it on their favorite roads and trails. If it’s not the best bike they’ve ever ridden we’ll pay for return shipping. Returns are very, very rare. If there are returns, though, we use them as demos or put them in our Outlet on our website, where we sell demos and one-of-a-kind products.

AASQ #68: Fezzari answers your questions about their bikes, and buying them online

I’ve had people tell me if I order a bike online I’ll probably get the wrong size. How can I make sure to get the right size? – Laura

Fezzari: This is where Fezzari shines.  We are much more than a click-and-ship company.  Through our 23-Point Custom Setup we custom build each of our bikes per each rider’s body measurements and even riding style. We get a bunch of different body measurements from you to ensure we have you on the proper frames size.  We customize the component sizing, such as stems, bar widths, crank lengths, brake lever reach, suspension settings on the mountain bikes, seat post lengths, etc.

We then fully assemble, tune, and test ride each bike to be sure it is functioning perfectly. When you receive your new Fezzari bike, all you have to do is install the front wheel, handlebar with 4 bolts, pedals, and set your saddle height.  The assembly takes just a few minutes. You can do it yourself, and you can be riding the same day your bike is delivered. This process ensures the perfect fit and relieves the customer from stressing about which size to buy. If after you get your new bike and still have any fit concerns, give us a call or send an email. We are here to help. You can learn more about our 23-Point Custom Setup here. We’ve heard over and over from people who have said they got the best-fitting bike of their life from us.

I’m worried that if I order a bike online and I have a problem, my local bike shops will be rude to me if I bring it in. Do you have any shops that you work with to service your bikes? Is there a list? – Julie

Fezzari: Years ago we used to see some of that mindset with bike shops that you mention, but not that much anymore. We have great relationships with many bike shops around the world. Many bike shops make most of their revenue from servicing bikes. Thus, as we sell bikes around the globe and they need to be serviced, any qualified bike shop can service them.

We don’t sell through bike shops, but bike shops are important for servicing bikes and we fully support them in that regard. We always look to ‘expand the pie’ and love to refer our customers to get their bike serviced at bike shops that take pride in their work like we do. When we sell bikes and bike shops service them, both parties win. If you are curious about what bike shops we’d recommend in your area feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.

Why buy a Fezzari instead of other brands like Canyon, YT, etc? – Mike

Fezzari: There are many good bike brands out there. We pride ourselves in providing a complete experience unlike any other brand. We offer a personalized product experience with our 23-Point Custom Setup to ensure a better fitting and better riding bike.  We offer the best customer service starting with the first interactions on our website, to the phone or email communications you may have with our customer service team, to the unseen dedication and personal touches our technicians put into every bike, to the passion for bikes and people our marketing team has in storytelling, and to the thought and tenacity of our product team.  We are building bikes and experiences for riders, friends, and family, and not just shipping something out the door. We are personalizing the bike buying experience.

We are dedicated to making the very best bikes available, and that is showing with the multiple Bike of the Year, Editors Choice, and Value Shootout awards we have won, both on road and mountain bikes.  We back every bike with a Lifetime Warranty and offer a 30-day Love-It-or-Return-It Guarantee. We know biking is a lifestyle and we are here to support that with the products we make, the customer purchasing and after sales experience, and education to be sure you have the knowledge you need to enjoy your new bike to the fullest. We are bikers and approach each day with a people-first mentality.


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  1. Why do your employees write on the online forums that Fezzari bikes are not open mold? A few models are very clearly made by Axman. There isn’t anything wrong with open mold. I just don’t understand why an employee would misrepresent the IP behind a frame.

  2. ” Many bike shops make most of their revenue from servicing bikes. ”

    So how many bike shops books do you have access to? This is completly inaccurate. Sure, repairs have better margin. But most revenue still comes from bike sales.

    “We pride ourselves in providing a complete experience unlike any other brand. ”

    Complete? How do you do that over a website? You cant. If you want a complete experience go to a competient local bike shop.

  3. No way these are actual questions. Every single one was cued up just perfectly for their marketing initiative in producing this article. It’s actually sad.

    • Aaron, these were actual questions submitted through our WordPress Form with real email addresses for the AASQ series.

    • Pessimistic much? I would have agreed with your comment had you said the questions were cherry picked. And you spell your name wrong.

  4. > We design, engineer, and assemble our bikes in Utah, USA. Our frames
    > are manufactured in our factories in Taiwan (where almost all high-end brand bikes are built).

    Thank you for answering, but call me skeptical. Even Giant has only 1 plant in Taiwan, 1 in the Netherlands… and 5 in China. Can customers visit your factories in Taiwan? How many full-time engineers do you have, and what are their credentials?

    Also you don’t mention QA. Your brand seems to follow the same model as many others… a model which consumers are tiring of, and one which has lead to generally horrific quality control for carbon fiber frames.

  5. I have enjoyed the Ferrari experience and found the staff very helpful in answering my questions. The quality of the bikes is fantastic, setup, testing, and fitting are all GREAT! I am glad that I can enjoy a quality carbon bike frame without having to pay almost twice the price!

  6. I just received my new Fezzari La Sal Peak and f’in love it. I had $5000 to spend on my first full suspension bike and I chose Fezzari for many reasons. Geometry, customer focus, specs, price, and a lifetime warranty on a carbon frame (not too many big brands willing to do that). Plus, judging from all the haters on this thread, it’s not the most popular brand and I always gravitate to the underdog and am rarely disappointed. Go ahead and spend more money for equal to, or less, of a bike based on the brand name if you want to though. As long as you’re having fun.

  7. Just to be sure I have it right: Your standard product is not a custom built bike. You use the 23 point test to pick the best standard frame, and then say pick a stem, seat post and crank to fine tune the fit. Is that correct? Do you gave more standard sizes than other manufacturers.

  8. I have been thoroughly enjoying my Fezzari Delano Peak. I was also skeptical about how it would fit me, but it worked out extremely well. In fact while putting my own set of pedals on, I cross threaded is and busted the threads on the crank and had to take it to a local bike shop. The folks at the bike shop were thrilled to see a Fezzari in person and offered me an excellent service.

    Coming from a 18 year old 26″ GT Avalanche, this full suspension Fezzari was quiet a chance, for the first few rides I was truly thinking of returning the bike. Now having that flexibility is great, if you think you made a mistake. Obviously, it only took me only a couple of rides on the trail to notice how well this bike handled, and no way am I returning it.

    Biking is fun, forget the brands (so many good choices), just hop on one and enjoy the outdoors. Avoid the analysis paralysis.

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