PNW went to a lot of trouble to give their Loam Lever a comfy, non-slip grip. That makes it stand out like a sore thumb that’s forced to use the stock shifter paddles on the opposite side of the bar. It’s time to match up those levers, folks.

PNW Shifty Lever SRAM xx1 or xo1 replacement thumb lever grip

PNW’s latest product is quite simple, but it will finally provide that handlebar symmetry you crave. The Shifty Lever is meant to complement the Loam Lever, or be used on its own to replace the stock paddles for SRAM XX1 and X01 shifters.

PNW Shifty Lever SRAM xx1 or xo1 replacement thumb lever gripSince the SRAM levers use a bolt-on design to allow for adjustment, that means they can also be replaced. The Shifty Lever uses the same mounting design, and features the same injection molded, grippy thumb pad you’ll find on the Loam Lever. Available in Teal, Orange, Grey, Black, and Red, you can choose to add a pop of color to your shifter or keep it stealth. The levers will be available in May, and will sell for $39 each.


    • No, SX, NX, and GX Eagle shifters all use a different lever configuration that isn’t adjustable like X01 and XX1 Eagle. Because of that, these levers will only work on X01 and XX1 shifters.

  1. Unfortunately, it is quite a bit more complex to design or even replace a lever on the GX style shifters. X01 and XX1 are both super simple to remove and adjust.

  2. Would like to see PNW come up an option like this for AXS. A replacement rocker switch with the soft grip bits top and bottom.

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