Carbon wheel maker ENVE has been working behind the scenes to make your wheels truly unique with their new Custom Decal Builder tool. Working within the outline of their standard logo decals across all new & old rims, the online tool allows you to personalize the design of your wheels with limitless choice of colors, unique patterns, gradients, even wholly original graphics. Then ENVE prints the decals, and ships them to you to install!

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

ENVE’s new online Custom Decal Builder is a great new way to make your carbon wheels stand out from the crowd. You might already think your bike looks cool, clad in a pair of fancy Enve carbon wheels. But how much cooler would they look decorated with your own original decals, color-matched to your bike!

Enve has been creating custom graphics for teams, bike builders, and special editions for years. But now that they’ve built this online customization too, everyone can get that personalized, full-custom look.

How To: Creating your own custom wheel decals

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

Pick your wheels to launch the simple browser-based configurator tool, and you can pick from a semi-custom range of patterns, gradients, and colors from the template. Or to go full custom you can even upload your own hi-res graphics. Then pick from iconic brand colors (think: Cervélo red, Cannondale green, or Yeti turquoise) to perfectly match popular bikes, or dive deep into Pantone colors for true color-matching.

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

As the tool is kept simple, getting custom image overlays perfect can take a bit of time, but the Custom Decal Builder is easy to use, and gives you a full preview before you commit.

ENVE Custom Decals –  Pricing & availability

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

Custom decals are available for current M Series, G Series, SES and Foundation Collection wheels, plus almost the entire legacy catalog of rims that Enve has made in the past. Enve have partnered with long-time decal printers Stikrd & Slik Graphics who will actually print the custom decals, and ship them to you in about two weeks.

ENVE Custom Decal Builder online wheel customization tool

Prices start at $40 for Foundation road wheels (8 decals +4 spares), and climbs to $80 for M, G & SES wheels (12 decals +4 spares). All kits also come with rider name decals, a matching Enve window sticker for your car, plus the alcohol wipes, placement markers & sticker application squeegee to make installation painless. Design your own right here.


  1. Why would you put decals on a carbon rim that you are paying big dollars to save grams on??? This makes absolutely no sense!!!

    • It’s like buying an Armani suit from Harrods or wearing Rapha to commute, what’s the point if the whole world doesn’t know you’re doing it?

      • I am all for a little flash, but you would think they would silk screen the logos on uber expensive wheels like Lightweight does.

  2. I’m sorry, but $40 (or $80!) for stickers?!? Surely there’s a way to manufacture carbon components–and especially wheels–in AMerica, where American workers get paid a fair wage, in a decent work environment, but don’t charge the absurd amount that Enve, Zipp, Rapha and their ilk think necessary. I mean, these are bike wheels. Are marketing budgets that big, or is it just that Americans are so ignorant that they only believe the marketing? Hambini has already managed to debunk most of the aero claims, so it can’t be that one would need more wind tunnel testing… I have nothing against Asian manufacturing, but this… $40 for stickers? My WWII/Great Depression-surviving grandparents are rolling in their graves…

    • Enves are made in America, and they have a lifetime warranty. If you can do better then give it a shot and be the new wheel king. Anybody that thinks there is a simple solution to an old and complex problem is somebody that doesn’t fully understand the problem.

      And there is a pretty big difference between a “sticker” and a decal that can survive UV, dust, mud, rain, water crossings, and bike washing for a few years.

      And Hambini is self-aggrandizing hack. He’s nothing but an entertainer.

  3. these pics reminded me of Patrik Sinkewitz, the disgraced German pro who was tossed for unrepentant doping. He tried to keep himself commercially relevant by branding everything thing he rode, including wheels, with giant, neon, SINKEWITZ branding. Ghastly.

  4. Really, expensive decals for expensive carbon wheels is what sets you people off! If you can pay the price for Enve wheels, $40 additional for custom decals is no big deal!

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