Mosaic is opening their small-batch approach to handcrafted titanium bikes to gravel & all-road with new stock Gravel Series sizing for a revamped GT-2 45 gravel bike. Taking the wide stock sizing range concept they debuted on the RT-2 road bike, new stock gravel and all-road sizes bring down the cost of a US handmade ti bike frame, and cut delivery times to just a few weeks.

Beyond shimmering titanium, Mosaic also adds two new custom paint programs. The new Artist Series brings three subtle splatter color schemes to top off your ti. Or the more flashy Cockpit Series leaves your titanium tubing untouched, but goes over the top on fork, stem & seatpost!

Mosaic stock Gravel Series, US-crafted gravel & all-road bikes

Boulder, CO based Mosaic says that with so many options for cyclists looking for custom, handcrafted bikes, they’ve always looked at how they can stand out. Every frame they produce is custom, but Mosaic fabricates even fully custom geometry frames in batches in a streamlined production process that allows them to deliver custom frames in just six weeks (while many comparable custom framebuilders measure lead times in months.)Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikesNow, like the RT-2 before it, a revamped Mosaic GT-2 gravel bike gets a stock sizing update. That both brings the cost down on the US-made titanium frames, and lead times to just three weeks. There’s probably no quicker way to get a titanium bike made in the USA, than a batch-made Mosaic.

What does Mosaic stock geometry mean?

Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikes geometryCalling the new GT-2 45 a stock-sized bike is a bit of an oversimplification really, as there are 18 different stock sizes available. There is a broad nine size range to pick from (XS 48cm – XXXL 62cm, with just 1cm steps in the middle of the range). But then, each of those nine are also available in either the slacker/more upright/shorter reach Gravel GT-2 45 geo or faster/shorter wheelbase All-Road GT-2 AR geometry. I imagine almost anyone looking for a Mosaic gravel bike will find the fit they need, and for those that don’t full custom is still available (as a $500 upcharge).

Stock geometry tech GT-2 45 vs. AR – Tech details

Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikes

Beyond the tweaks of geometry to tailor the ride of the GT-2 to more or less aggressive riding style & technical terrain, the adventure gravel GT-2 45 adds extra tire clearance for up to 700x45mm tires, while the gravel all-road GT-2 AR with its shorter chainstays fits up to a 40mm tire.

Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikesThe new stock size GT-2 is welded in Colorado from straight-gauge 3A/2.5V titanium. It features flat mount discs, 12mm thru-axles, a replaceable derailleur hanger, a traditional 68mm threaded bottom bracket, a 27.2mm seatpost, clamp-on front derailleur, and two standard sets of bottle cage bosses.

Mosaic stock GT-2 45/AR gravel/all-road – Pricing & availability

Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikes

The stock geo Mosaic GT-2 Gravel Series start at $3900 for a frameset alone (frame, ENVE fork & King headset), with plenty of options for upgrades available. Mosaic says many buyers add-on internal rear brake routing (an extra $300), some opt to add custom geo (+$500), and a few top it off with a stock paint scheme (extra $1200) instead of the included brushed/polished finish. Just for comparison, the Mosaic’s top GT-1 gravel bike sells for $6400 with custom geometry, or $6900 with stock paint.

Mosaic stock Gravel Series bike_US-made handcrafted gravel all-road bikes

The GT-2 is also unique (like the RT-2) in that it is also available in pre-configured complete bike builds. Including 45 & AR variants, six complete bikes are offered with mechanical GRX/Ultegra, Di2, or SRAM Force mechanical or AXS builds from $6490-8250 complete.

Stock G-Series framesets will be delivered in up to 3 weeks; and depending on component availability, complete bikes will also be ready in the same short timeframe.

Mosaic Artist Series limited edition paint jobs

Mosaic Artist Series limited edition paint jobs

On top of the new stock Gravel Series, any of their other new bikes, or even bikes coming in for a refurbish & repaint, Mosaic is adding the second round of their Artist Series paint jobs. This one called Kaleidosaic comes in three color schemes: Graphite, Chartreuse and Polar.

Mosaic Artist Series limited edition paint jobs

Painted by their sister company Spectrum Paint and Powderworks, the intricate Artist Series is a limited time add-on to give Mosaic owners a unique look. The complex overlays, fades & splatters would add $1800 to the GT-2, or on level-1 bikes like the GT-1 an extra $600.

Mosaic Cockpit Series limited edition paint jobs

Mosaic Cockpit Series limited edition paint jobs

If you (like me) think it would be a shame to cover up those pretty and timeless titanium tubes with paint, maybe the Cockpit Series paint is more your bag. A new addition to Mosaic’s unique finishing, Cockpit Series adds a touch of color to your bike’s fork, stem & seatpost.

Mosaic Cockpit Series limited edition paint jobs

Again a limited run of certain designs, now Cockpit Series comes in: Stripes, Splatter & Paisley. There’s a lot more freedom to customize here, so buyers can pick and choose from any of the 35 Mosaic stock colors to personalize their look. Go for subtle, or you know… paisley. Again, available as an option on any new Mosaic ($1200 extra for the GT-2, $600 extra for a GT-1), as well as a repaint or upgrade option for current Mosaic owners.


  1. So, 3900 for a frameset makes them affordable? Any reason why someone wouldn’t buy a Lynskey or Litespeed instead?

    • Because Mosaic is from Bouler, Colorado, so naturally it’s better and has more culture than a Lynskey or Litespeed. They have been raised only on naturally organic steroid free alloys, bathed (though not very frequently) in patchouli oil and internally lubricated with twice fermented kamboucha. Mosaic bikes have man buns (even the women’s bikes), artistic tattoos, do yoga twice a day and have a trust fund that they don’t tell their friends at the community garden center about.

    • Well, it includes an Enve G series fork and Chris King headset in that price. And the fact that it has way more style than a Lynskey or a Litespeed. Obviously to each their own and the value of the additional style is worth it to some but not others.

      My wife and I have custom pained Mosaics and they are awesome people to work with and really good people. Best bikes we have ever owned and really fun being involved with custom designing the paint scheme and geometry with them.

      • Just did a double check and there are a few other things. That price includes etched graphics (+$245 at Lynskey), mill finish ($130 at Lynskey). No trying to convince anyone as $3900 is a lot of money for a bike but just realize there are some additional things included in the Mosaic that are extra costs on Lynskey’s.

  2. Hmm, Bingham Built or Kish could get you a full custom double-butted tubeset bike for hundreds less and with arguably better welds. I don’t get it.

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