Tire plugs are most effective if you can use them before all the air leaks out of your tire. However, if your plugging kit is buried at the bottom of your pack then you’ll likely struggle to find it and plug the hole before going completely flat. That’s one of the reasons you see people taping tire plugging tools to their bike. It provides quick access, even if it looks a bit rough. But what if there was a better, even faster way to store and access your plug kit? That was the inspiration behind MUUL Mounts’ first product, the Quickdraw.

MUUL Mount handlebar plugging tool mount magnetic

Meant to mount to your handlebar, the silicone tire plug sheath straps to the bar with a velcro strap. Inside is an ultra strong N52 neodymium rare earth magnet which holds the plugger in place when you’re bouncing down the trail. But when the time comes to plug your tire, a quick tug on the plugger handle removes the tool from its magnetic perch giving you instant access to the pre-loaded plug. As a bonus, the silicone sheath has room to store a chain quick link as well.

Muul Mount plugging tool valve core remover

Additionally, the end of the plugger tool functions as a valve core removal tool – just in case you end up needing to reseat a tire, unclog the valve, etc.

The Quickdraw Kit sells for just $12 and includes the plug tool, holder, 5 large plugs and 5 small plugs, and mounting strap.

Muul Mount CO2 magnetic holder

Along with the Quickdraw Kit, MUUL is introducing the Rapid CO2 mount which also harnesses the power of magnets. Since most CO2 cartridges are steel, they’re also magnetic.

Muul Mount CO2 magnetic holder

The cradle uses N52 neodymium rare earth magnets to provide more that 50lbs of retention force which is enough to keep the cartridge in place, but still allow it to be easily removed when needed. The holder has been tested by EWS and BME pros and has been proven in MUUL Mounts’ home of Western North Carolina.

Muul Mount CO2 magnetic holder tube tool

Compatible with 16, 20, and 25g CO2 cartridges with the inflator head already installed, the 20″ silicone gripper velcro strap also allows you to mount up spare tubes, multi-tools, and other items. Since the CO2 mount is magnetic, its use doesn’t affect the velcro strap tension for easy use if you don’t need to use the tube or tool.

The CO2 Mount 2.0 has been made 5x stronger in terms of the magnetic hold than the original, and sells for $12 with the magnetic mount and mounting straps.

Muul Mount CO2 magnetic holder Mayday kit

Want both the Quickdraw and the CO2 mount? MUUL sells them together as the Mayday Kit V2 which includes everything above for $20. Everything is available now with free shipping on orders over $50.







  1. It’s a great idea, but the tyre plugger looks like it costs £1 from a garage. Even if it is a really functional tool, it needs to look nice or people won’t clamp it to their bike.

    • Hi Woody, Thanks for your feedback. Our entire concept is that solutions can be simple, fast, and affordable. We wanted to be able to provided the fastest and simplest solution on the market that was universally compatible for all bikes. The tire plugger with 10 plugs retails for only $5 and when packaged with the quickdraw mount is only $12. We could have machined it out of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized it, but we felt that injection molded plastic was a better solution for being light weight, non-marring, and extremely affordable for anyone. In short, it’s a quality solution that works as designed and is a price you don’t have to think twice about.

  2. Technically a pan pan since the tube would be a mayday. All corny aviation joking aside this looks like an awesome product.

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