You can now go full send from the comfort of your own living room, with SEND IT! a board game all about mountain biking. Become Cross-Country Carrie, Downhill Derrick, Dirt Jump Delilah, Enduro Elsa, Singletrack Sammy or Trials Terrence, and send your way around the board in a race for the Golden Burrito. Here’s how you can get your hands on this MTB Board Game.

SEND IT! Mountain Biking Board Game

Professional mountain bikers, Syd and Macky, invented SEND IT! after Macky “poorly executed a 15-foot drop on [his] mountain bike”. The crash left him with a separated shoulder and concussion. During his recovery, Macky spent a lot of time thinking about how to ensure he never had a big crash like that again, and playing board games. One day his concussed brain connected those two things and the idea for SEND IT! was born.

SEND IT! is a fast-paced mountain bike game where you ride, train, prepare and “send” progressively harder features. Players race from the trailhead through three levels (green, blue, black) to be the first to be inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and collect the coveted winner’s trophy, the Golden Burrito.

On each turn, riders choose from the following actions:

  •  Ride – roll the riding die and move along the singletrack
  •  Train – roll the training dice to gain the skill points you need to send the next feature
  •  Prepare – draw a Prepare card to gain points (which help you recover from crashes and send features) or gain special skills
  •  SEND IT – if you are on a feature and have the necessary skills, play Prepare Cards with points and roll the 20-sided die to try to send it and pass on to more difficult singletrack


Pricing & Availability

Syd and Macky are funding production of SEND IT! through Kick starter with a backing target of £20k (which they’ve already smashed). Back the project in one of five different ways from a simple $5 contribution, to a $59 donation to secure yourself a copy of the game, to $1,500 to secure yourself a copy of the game, in which you yourself are a player!

For that lofty sum, the guys at SEND IT! get their artist to draw you as a rider in your own game. In addition to the standard game, you will receive an additional rider card that you name and choose the skills for and artist, Sketchytrails, will draw your rider based on a photo of you.


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