Silca and BOA are back at it again. This time, it’s not a Seat Roll, or Seat Capsule, it’s a Seat Pack. Technically, you could also call the Mattone a saddle bag, but it has a few features that set it apart from the usual sad, droopy seat bag.

Silca adds smaller BOA Bag with compact Mattone Seat Pack for all bikes

Named after the Italian word for ‘brick’, the Mattone is the latest Silca seat storage device to use a BOA dial. The retaining strap with a BOA closure is reportedly 15x stronger than your average Velcro strap, so the Mattone is almost guaranteed to stay put.

Silca adds smaller BOA Bag with compact Mattone Seat Pack for all bikes

The design of the off-center zipper allows you to access the contents when it’s on the bike by just unzipping the end of the bag. But if you want full access to all the goodies inside, you can remove it from the seat and it fully opens like a book.

Inside, you’ll find a center divider with a slot for your credit card, ID, money, or key, and the divider allows you to protect the tube underneath from the multi-tool above it.

Silca adds smaller BOA Bag with compact Mattone Seat Pack for all bikes

The interior volume is around 0.61L which is enough room for a compact tube, multi-tool, a tire lever, CO2 inflator and cartridge and a few personal items. Outer dimensions are 13cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm.

Silca adds smaller BOA Bag with compact Mattone Seat Pack for all bikes

Thanks to the YKK Aquaguard zipper, the bag is water resistant which should make it a good option for mountain or gravel bikes – or any road bikers that aren’t afraid of the rain. Offered in a single size, the pack is priced at $46.


  1. Does water “resistant” really cut it in a seat bag?

    I mean if it’s not waterproof you’ll have to take measures to protect what’s inside against the water anyway. Or carefully dry everything after a ride on wet roads / terrain.

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m tired of doing this. Bike / equipment maintenance after a wet ride is already consuming more than enough time. I don’t want to take care of my seat bag just because the manufacturer didn’t manage to make it waterproof.

    • I’ve never understood what the big deal is about having a waterproof saddle bag… What are you wanting to carry in there that can’t take being a bit damp?

  2. Not bad, but their own Silca roll it’s so much cooler than this. Best ever thing for under the saddle, the Silca roll. it has a name, Premio, or something like that I think. Very resistant, very thick. Maybe a more lightweight roll, full waterproof with just one layer, with turp, like Freitag. You are welcome josh.

    • The problem with the Premio (I have 2, one packed for MTB, one for Road) is the amount of fabric that gets folded back in on itself. In practice only one of the 3 compartments can hold anything substantial before the whole thing becomes unfoldable.
      This is the perfect improvement for my needs and as soon as I click Post I’ll be working out where to buy one from.

  3. Cool. Another awesome Silca product. Been so pleased with all of Silca products I have purchased over the years and the work and hold up better than any others I have tried. Keep it up Silca!!!!!

    • Except, this is a clear rip off of another small independent company’s product (Velocolour). So many details, including the size, placement and style of zipper, and especially the flap in the middle is a direct copy. The only real difference I can see is the Boa. I’m pretty sure Silca knows Velocolour through the industry, so this seems even less cool to me. Hey…maybe folks think it’s OK for a small company to straight up copy a small company. The Velocolour Rocket Pocket is the best designed seat bag I’ve seen, so maybe it was inevitable for an industry “friend” to “borrow” the design.

      • Has it occurred to you that they might have sold the design to Silca? Check out the Velocolour site. Pretty sure they wouldn’t be selling so much Silca product if they had been ripped off by them.

        • Hey Josh,

          Really good point. I did jump to conclusions. So… I reached out to Velocolour and they said that no conversations ever occurred between Silca and Velocolour before the bag came out.

          • Chances are they source from the same vendor. Silca sources at least some of them items from Asian vendors, look up their bluetooth pump then look up the Airace blueooth pump. Both use the exact same app iGauge which was developed by a Taiwanese manufacturer.

            • Hey TDO,

              Velocolour makes all their bags in house, in Toronto. I should know as I race on their team and have several of their bags. That’s actually part of what makes their bags so cool. Made locally in Toronto by workers paid a living wage. A rare decision in a world of stuff made overseas. I know I might come across as a bit of a fanboy, but after years of running my own business, seeing the integrity that Noah and Suzanne bring to all they do, from unique designs to ethical considerations…I am a huge fan. This, to my eyes, looks like a clear copy of the Velocolour Rocket Pocket. Don’t believe me? Check out the website yourself.

  4. Yeah the seat rolls look pretty (like this) when empty. best case you might be able to get one tube in there. I got their (Silca’s) whole seat bag/pack product line and returned it. The small one constantly flipped open the grand premio couldn’t even hold two ultra light butyl tubes without flipping (and took forever to pack up on the side of the road), the capsule worked but it was a very tight fit with two tubes and I had to warranty it with the boa snapping multiple times. I went to a Ortlieb micro two, so much better. Fits more stuff doesn’t stick out from the back and sides as much and is repackable in seconds when you need to get something on the side of the road. Part of the issue is they show these blown out artistic images of what fits inside but to get all that stuff in you’ve got to spend 25 minutes getting everything just right which is doable while you’re sipping a doppio at the air conditioned fashionable cafe where everyone has nice smelling hair products. On the road side after a flat while it’s 106° with mosquitoes attacking you’re going to end up jamming all that stuff in your pockets.

  5. anything that has steel in it like CO2 inflator or multi-tools will rust if they are damp. Nothing like having an issue road side only to find the tool you need wont work due to corrosion.

  6. The Boa on the Premio lets you really cinch it tight. Nothing moves or rattles. But it’s true the seat roll design does limit how much will fit, and the photos are ideal (at best).
    The Mattone is suspiciously like the Velocolour bag. A little lower retail cost. Since it’s not soft, like a seat roll, I’m not sure the Boa is an improvement. Just different. A little cleaner looking.
    Since Silca brags about innovation, it’s disappointing. Still probably a very good bag though.

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