Few bikes are as instantly recognizable as the Schwinn ‘banana seat’ bike. Ever since the Schwinn Stingray launched in 1963, the bikes have held a place in bicycle and even pop culture. In the late 60’s, Schwinn introduced the Krates which at the time were the top of the line Stingray models which featured bright colors that inspired the name.

The Schwinn Grape Krate is back with a limited edition run of just 500 bikes


When it comes to the purple Grape Krate, it seems that this color wasn’t actually offered until 1999. It was at that point that Schwinn did a limited run of 1999 bikes to celebrate the year. Prior to that, it was rumored that Schwinn may have built 15 Grape Krates and gifted them as Christmas gifts to employees in 1976, but that’s never been confirmed – even by Schwinn. There were also to Grape Krates made as samples in 1969, but again, those never made it to the public.

The Schwinn Grape Krate is back with a limited edition run of just 500 bikes

So if you missed picking up one of those 1999 bikes, the Grape Krate has returned once again – but this time it’s even more limited.The classic Stingray lines are still there, with a 20″ rear and 16″ front tire. There’s also a spring loaded rear suspension for the adjustable banana seat, a springer fork, and a coaster brake at the rear with a drum brake up front.

The Schwinn Grape Krate is back with a limited edition run of just 500 bikes

As part of the ongoing re-release of various Schwinn Stingray models, only 500 of the Grape Krate models will be sold. Priced at $499, all of these bikes will be available exclusively on Amazon, with Prime free delivery.




  1. Jim E , I remember the original Schwinn Krates also had the 5 speed shifters. I asked a bike store owner why they stopped making them . He said they were out Lawed because they say they were too dangerous. Anything that was fun as a kid growing up , this new generation destroyed !
    They’re worried about a shifter . You know how many times I landed on the bar ? but we survived !

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