With bike parks beginning to reopen across the World, you may find yourself considering an upgrade to a full face helmet. For better or worse, riders tend to feel a little more invincible with a full face lid. It’s comforting to know that your face will remain intact if (and when) you hit the deck. But have you ever considered a convertible full face helmet?

convertible full face helmet met detachable shin bar enduro ASTM certified

While safer than an open face helmet, it’s no fun pedaling up long climbs in a full face. While many companies go to great lengths to make super well-ventilated ones, it’s always going to be a sweaty affair thanks to the presence of the chin bar. Introducing the convertible mountain bike helmet.

met parachute mcr open face mode

There is a growing number of convertible helmets on the market. The detachable chin bar gives riders the safety of a traditional full face helmet for descents and the option to go chin bar-free on the way back up.

met parachute mcr convertible full face helmet mountain bike enduro

Ease of removal and attachment of the chin bar varies from brand to brand. MET’s Parachute MCR has one of the most user-friendly designs we’ve tested yet. The magnetic chin bar release uses FIDLOCK’s magnetic closure technology for a tool-free experience. Check out our review here.

But, wait a minute. Two helmets in one? Surely, there must be some compromise to safety? Can a convertible full face helmet really be as safe as a traditional full face helmet? Here’s your opportunity to quiz the helmet designers at MET about convertible mountain bike helmets.

Whatever the question, get them in now and we’ll get the experts at MET Helmets to answer them this Friday! Use this form to submit your question.



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