Roof top tents can be a mixed bag. On one hand, you always have your tent ready to go, high off the ground, and they’re fairly quick to put away. On the other, they can be cumbersome, hard to install with one person, and often quite heavy. Those are all not so good if you’re hoping for something that won’t have a permanent home on the top of your car. That’s where the new Go Fast Campers Superlite Tent may come in.

#Vanlife: Go Fast Campers claims world's lightest hardshell roof top tent w/ GFC Superlite

Calling it the “world’s lightest hardshell rooftop tent,” GFC claims that their Superlite comes in at around 80lbs. That’s still a good chunk of weight, but compared to other hardshell rooftop tents (RTT) like their 150lb GFC Platform tent, the Superlite is certainly light.

Supposedly, with the Superlite it may be possible to install it or remove it with only one person which is a huge plus if you’re hoping to only have it installed for adventures on the weekend. Not to mention fit in your garage. It still is a hardshell design that will allow you to store things like surfboards on top, though it doesn’t seem like it will allow you to use it as a full-on roof rack like their Platform tent.

The clam shell tent design unzips to open in a wedge shape with 50×90″ interior dimensions and 44″ of headroom at one end. Three panoramic windows with full mesh sides let you take in the surroundings but not the bugs, and there’s an optional mattress and ladder for the complete package. Closed, the tent measures just 6″ tall, and it has a quick-connect system to make the installation and removal process hassle free.

Offered as a pre-order on the GFC site for $1,199, the telescoping ladder is an additional $100, and the Superlite Mattress is another $279. Orders placed now will start shipping in November, 2020 (estimated).


  1. Nearly $1500 for the set ooof. I see tons of these rooftop tents in the city, I’m up at national parks and trails every weekend and see maybe one or two once in a while. Seems like most people primitive camp or just tow a trailer. 80lbs is still a lot to remove frequently can’t imagine the impact on fuel economy.

    • $1500 is a really good price for a nice tent from a reputable company. Also the low profile when closed and the light overall weight means that you don’t have to remove it when not in use, because a low profile low weight unit will barely affect gas mileage. A regular rooftop tent can weigh upwards of 150 lbs and will be a lot taller when closed, affecting the gas mileage and handling of the vehicle greatly.

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