After updating their carbon gravel bike earlier in the year, Rose is back with a new Backroad – the Backroad AL. Naturally, the AL stands for aluminum as this bike relies on a new metal frame to help get prices even lower, though the AL is still packed with premium features.

Rose Backroad AL steerer tube

Starting with an aluminum frame with filled and ground welds for a sleek look, the frame’s clean lines are preserved by fully internal routing. The cables come off of the bars and go directly into the frame through the steerer tube, which uses a system that Rose claims is easily serviceable. Apparently the handlebar, stem, and spacers can all be replaced without having to disconnect any cables.

Rose Backroad AL seat post binder

You’ll also find an integrated seat post clamp with a wedge system inside the toptube/seatube junction.

Rose Backroad AL brake mount

Flat mount brakes are used, and the frame includes additional mounts for fenders, racks, top tube bags, and two standard bottles inside the frame with room for a small frame bag on some sizes.

Rose Backroad AL fork

Up front, the carbon fork also offers fender mounts plus three pack mounts on the legs for additional cargo carrying. Both the frame and fork offer tire clearance for up to 50mm on 650b rims or 45mm on 700c rims. Most of the Backroad AL bikes will be equipped with 700c wheels and tire stock, but the 46 and 49cm sizes are 650b only.

Rose Backroad AL downtube

To protect the carbon from flying rocks from the front tire, you’ll find a downtube protector in front of the unspecified bottom bracket (looks like some kind of press fit from the photos). It would be nice if all manufacturers would make the list of all applicable frame standards easier to find (or available at all), simply from a maintenance perspective for finding replacement parts, or purchasing future upgrades. On that note, hub spacing and thru axle sizing are also not provided.

Rose Backroad AL geometry

To be sold in nine frame sizes, you’ll find the Backroad AL from a 46cm all the way up to a 64cm frame. As mentioned, the smaller two sizes will be 650b only, while the larger sizes will come with 700c wheels but are compatible with 650b as well.


Rose Backroad AL complete bike

Rose Backroad AL complete bike

Builds will start with the Backroad AL GRX RX400 2x group at €1,549. It will also be sold as a SRAM Apex 1×11, and a Shimano GRX RX600 1x group at €1,599 and €1,799 respectively. Additional builds will be added later in the year including a Shimano GRX RX810 build and a SRAM Apex 1x Mullet Build.


  1. “To protect the carbon from flying rocks from the front tire, you’ll find a downtube protector in front of the unspecified bottom bracket”. Umm, probably not on the AL frame.

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