As the entry into a carbon set of hoops gets more and more affordable, small- and mid-sized wheel brands are coming out swinging. Boyd’s new Prologue Series introduces three versatile carbon road wheelsets priced at just a hair over a grand at $1050.


Rim depth & build options

The Prologue Series includes two rim depth options; 28mm and 44mm – available in disc only for the 28 mm depth and rim or disc for the 44mm.

The Prologue carbon rims get the automated treatment, manufactured using an automatic continuous lay-up process. For comparison, Boyd’s Podium series uses a variable nipple bed thickness which saves 20 grams per rim. As for the automated layup rims, they’re later drilled for spoke count, saving time and costs, and passing that on to the rider.

They use the same tooling and molds as Boyd’s prior disc brake line, so they already had the means to make them. The thicker, uniform spoke bed means they can drill them for 24 or 28 spoke holes, rather than requiring distinct layups for each.

It also means they benefit from the aero testing done on the original design.


The hubs are Boyd’s own Skyuka hubs with 10º engagement and Abec 3 sealed cartridge bearings. The Boyd Skyuka rear hub is available with Shimano Hyperglide 10/11-speed or SRAM XDR 12-speed freehub bodies and requires no swap tools between different freehub body standards.


Weights and Specs

Prologue Series 28 mm Clincher Disc

  • Spoke count 24/28
  • Weight 1,570g
  • 18mm internal width

Prologue Series 44 mm Clincher disc

  • Spoke count 24/28
  • Weight 1,675g
  • 19mm internal width

Prologue Series 44 mm clincher Rim

  • Spoke count 24/28
  • Weight 1,555g
  • 19mm internal width


Boyd went with a hooked bead for the Prologue series to escape any hookless tire incompatibility and assure the rim can use any tire at any pressure. They come pre-taped for tubeless, but do not include the tubeless valve stems.


All are built using Pillar SR XTRA 1423 spokes with Pillar Double Square Brass nipples and sold as a wheelset only. Each of the new Prologue Series wheelsets retail for $1,050. Available starting September 18, 2020.


  1. Nice to see hooked rims at a decent price. There really aren’t many good tire options for hookless and it seems like so many wheel manufacturers have put the cart in front of the horse on this one.

  2. Speaking of weight; why bother with the variable nipple bed thickness to save 20 grams when final weights of this lineup isn’t that impressive anyway?

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