While the bicycle industry lost a legend in 2019, Bruce Gordon’s legacy carries on. Thanks to former Bruce Gordon Cycles employee David di Falco and his wife Tanya, Bruce’s most loved products like the Rock n’ Road tires continue to remain available – with the tires still manufactured by Panaracer in Japan.

Bruce Gordon Boot Fit classic Stainless Strapless Toe Clips design

David also just let us know that these Bruce Gordon-designed Stainless Strapless Toe Clips are also available. Still made on the same fixtures that Bruce used in Petaluma, CA, the toe clips are made from elegant 3/16″ stainless tubing and held together with silver brazing.

Bruce Gordon Boot Fit classic Stainless Strapless Toe Clips

Designed without any straps or logos, the toe clips could be the perfect way to update your classic bike for a little more security on the pedals. But without the straps, these toe clips should still be very easy to enter and exit.

Bruce Gordon Boot Fit classic Stainless Strapless Toe Clips boot fit

In addition to the original model, there is now a Boot Fit clip which is larger to accommodate large toed shoes. Whether that’s a pair of winter boots, hiking boots, or your favorite pair of Crocs, the Boot Fit clip will give you a little extra room for your piggies.

Bruce Gordon Boot Fit classic Stainless Strapless Toe Clips

In addition to the Regular or Boot Fit option, each comes in three sizes. Small is for men’s sizes 10 and under, Medium is for men’s 10-11.5, and Large is for men’s 12 and up. Each pair is priced at $80 (pedals not included), and ships via USPS Priority Mail.



    • Daniel M on

      I think all foot retention is a bad idea. Wear the shoes you like to hike in so you can ride somewhere nice and then explore on foot, whether it’s a rock outcrop, hiking trail, or neighborhood. At least these allow you to do that.

    • Sevo on

      These are not for use with toe straps. I got to ride Bruce’s personal bike with these on it 5-6 years ago when I visited him in Pentaluma. They really are quite nice. I can see the fat bike crowd loving this as well as the normal commuter crowd. Hell I think there are many who dislike clipless pedals and regular toe clips enough, but don’t like the feel of flats that are gonna be super excited to see these are available, and for some, that they even exist at all!

      Very excited for David and his wife taking over Bruce Gordon Cycles. I’ve had a lot of great chats with him and can’t think of a better person to take the reigns.

  1. Greg on

    I’ve got a pair of these mounted to an old-school set of Super Record pedals and while they aren’t my daily drivers, I really like them and find them very useful in certain situations


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