Dynaplug has just released the Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit, which keeps four tire plugs ready-to-go by carrying two compact Dynaplug tools inside your handlebar. The kit is currently available as a complete setup including a pair of ODI Vans lock-on grips, plug tools for both ends, and a couple spare plugs.

Apparently it was customer requests that prompted Dynaplug to add a bar end kit to their lineup, so in this case the squeaky (leaky?) wheel got the grease!

Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit, with covers on

The bar end plug tools thread into small mounts which connect to any ODI compatible grip lock. The mount simply replaces the usual end cap, so no modifications are needed to install the Covert kit. When needed, the plug tool comes out with a few twists of its flattened edges.

Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit, plug ready

Dynaplug’s Twin Tube technology allows you to store two plugs in each tool. The plug tool’s tip is double sided and threads into the tool body. When you need an additional plug or a different size, just unscrew the plug tip, flip it over and screw it back into the plug tool. While you ride, the plug tips are protected by a cover that snaps on and off.

Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit, all pieces

The covert kit comes with one tool that has a standard sized Twin Tube on both ends, and one that has a standard/Megaplug Twin Tube. Dynaplug suggests setting up one tool with their Soft Tip plugs and the Megaplug-capable tool with a Megaplug, so you’re ready to quickly seal up smaller or larger punctures.  Also, both types of plug can be doubled up to seal bigger holes. Each bar end tool comes with three brass Soft Tips and one spare Megaplug.

The Dynaplug bar end tools are made from anodized billet 6061 Aluminum and hardened stainless steel. These compact tools certainly won’t weigh you down, as a pair loaded with plugs weighs just 38.5g. The tools do protrude from the bar ends a bit, but doubtfully enough to be problematic.

Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit, threaded out

*Photos c. Dynaplug

The Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit is made in California, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. MSRP is $69.99. At this point there is no suggestion that one-sided kits will be offered, but maybe if enough of us ask…



  1. Jon on

    Oooh. Let me buy the innard bit and I’ll machine an endcap that lets me fit these in the gravel & tour bikes’ drop bars. Keeping the dynaplug tool at a quick reach ends up saving a lot of pumping time.

  2. advcyclist on

    I skim WAY too many trees for these to ever be a viable option… why would they not make the head of the tool more flush with the bar end plug??? My ODI bar end plugs have scraped the bark from many an errant tree in the apex of a turn.

  3. None Given on

    I should be getting my XMas card from ESI sometime soon…the trees have it out for my grips and ESI is the benefactor (well, the times I do not end up laying down next to the tree).

  4. Michael Plakus on

    I second the tree skimming. I’ve ripped out at least one bar plug in the past year, I can’t afford more bar length.


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