Want a classic handlebar profile but with modern performance? Whisky Parts Co. is offering exactly that with two new handlebar designs. Using profiles we typically only see made from metal, the Whisky Milhouse and Winston bars mix things up with the use of carbon fiber instead.

Whisky Milhouse handlebar

Whisky Milhouse handlebar spec

Whether you’re looking for a high end bar for your klunker, or a high rise bar for your bikepacking or single track rig, the Milhouse is a unique moto-inspired handlebar. Built with a generous 825mm width (cuttable to narrower widths), and a 70mm rise, the bar still checks in at just 288g thanks to its use of carbon fiber. A 16º backsweep should keep things comfortable, and the bar retails for $215.

Whisky Winston handlebar

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the Winston bar which is a carbon take on the classic mustache bar. Compatible with road, MTB, and bar-end shifters, the Winston should be a versatile addition to many different styles of bikes.

Whisky Winston handlebar Whisky Winston handlebar Whisky Winston handlebar

With Winston, you’ll get a 600mm wide bar with a 25mm rise, and a 73º backsweep. It’s still a 31.8mm clamp, and it checks in at 250g for $200.



  1. Marc L on

    So many feelings. I like how the Winston’s diameter must change from the bend (road 23.2) to the straight sections (mountain 22.2). Don’t know what we’ll build with them, but they’re in the cart already

  2. mchance on

    Really tempting upgrade over my surly sunrise but I have a really hard time spending $200 to replace a part that works perfectly well.
    Still, that and a carbon fork would take well over 2 lbs off the front of my bike, if someone wants to give me their stimulus check so I can buy them

  3. mchance on

    I’m curious if someone who is a bigger nerd than me explain how the higher upsweep would affect how the bar feels. Many bars I see with a similar backsweep or rise seem to be around 3 or 4 degrees upsweep, and most mainstream risers use 5 or 6 upsweep.
    Literally just curious but want to understand bike geo better


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