Got any burning questions about gravel bike set up? Want to know more about the different gravel bar options? Trying to figure out the right cockpit set up for your own gravel or adventure bike? Now is your chance to ask the industry experts at Ritchey Logic.

With a milieu of design subtleties – rise, sweep, flare, over-sized top sections, bio bends, & more – there’s a LOT to consider when building out your off-road drop bar bike. Everything from widths to depths, degrees of flare, and even whether to choose carbon or aluminum.

Don’t be afraid to get specific with this one! Let us know what bike you’re riding, your local terrain, and any problems you have with your current set up. Great advice from the guys at Ritchey is just two weeks away. Submit your questions here and we’ll report back with the answers next Friday!


Why Ritchey Logic?

Well, they recently released the Outback V2, an evolution of their much-loved steel gravel race bike. A couple of subtle changes transformed the the Outback into a worthy companion for multi-day bikepacking adventures; namely, the new carbon fiber fork with mounts for Anything Cages, rack and fender mounts, plus the addition of a 3rd set of water bottle bosses.

Check out our Remote Otter launch coverage to see more of the bike:


Ritchey Venturemax XL 52cm gravel handlebar dropbar drop bar (3)

The Ritchey VentureMax XL 52cm Gravel Bar has a flattened 38mm x 22.5mm top section, 4.6° back sweep and 24° flare.

Ritchey's Beacon handlebars are for bikepackers, adventure tourists, and even urban riders

Ritchey’s Beacon handlebars are for bikepackers, adventure tourists, and even urban riders

Check out their full selection over at, and get your questions in this week!


    • Big Schill on

      I love my Venturemax bars. Have on two bikes. The ergo bump fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and feels more secure descending than any other dirt drop

  1. jednobiegowiec on


    I got standard Venture Max, that only difference is width 460mm vs 520mm of XL.
    I have rather small hands and to reach levers from the drops I need to move my hands from the ends of the drops to about where ERGO bulge is protruding up.
    Hence I invested in Ritchey’s other handlebars, Beacon, that is even shallower and have more flare. Shame it is in 460mm only, wouldn’t mind 520…


    • groghunter on

      Bought an outback at release this year, started with venture max, switched to beacon, had the exact same experience. I really wanted to like the venture max, but i could never get the brakes in a comfortable position.

      Beacon OTOH has felt great from day one.

  2. Ron on

    What happened to the Ritchey WCS Micro Pedal? That seems the most likely candidate for a gravel pedal from Ritchey, but instead it has been pulled from the market. Is a new version on the way, or what?

  3. JRAshow Andrea on

    Why do manufacturers never talk about the possibility of needing a shorter stem when switching to wider bars? Pythagorean Theorem still applies, even after you stop using it in high school geometry class. It’d make sense that if someone is cozy with a more traditionally fit bar that’s matched(ish) to their shoulder width, that when they go to one of the trendy new wide bars, the stem needs to be shortened to keep the reach close to what it was before.
    Bonus… y’all get to sell more stems. You could even install a little Pythagorean calculator on your website that mathematically suggests what size stem to purchase with your wider bars.


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