What is gravel? Other than being a popular new industry buzzword, the term is sort of a catch-all for all types of dropbar riding. That could mean your rides are primarily pavement, but you relish the opportunity to explore short sections of dirt roads. Or, it could mean you spend 100% of your time off-road, far from the nearest pavement.

That’s part of what we think makes gravel so appealing – it’s all what you make of it. Case in point, if you want to head to a skate park and you have the skills, there’s nothing stopping you from tearing it up like Robin Wallner on an Ibis Hakka MX above (if you happen to be a pro Enduro racer). Obviously, a mountain bike or BMX bike would likely be the better tool for the job, but that challenge is part of the attraction for certain riders.

Industry Nine’s newest clip highlights the wide range of gravel riders and what the genre represents quite well. Going hand in hand with their range of wheels that span from wind-tunnel tuned aero carbon wheels to wide rims with burly spokes that can survive cased doubles, like the sport itself, there is no single way to ride a gravel bike.

And now that these videos have inspired you, get out there and do some of your own exploring this weekend!


  1. Jeff on

    I struggle to see how I9’s high engagement and subsequent drag while coasting would be a benefit to any of the riding portrayed in the film. outside of that wretched sounds and the colors, what advantage to actually riding a bike does I9 bring over literally any other companies wheels? On a long decent the last thing i would want to hear is my hub screaming at me and robbing speed from me. You’re riding buddies would also probably prefer that you where not near them as well.


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