Cycling industry icon, Gary Fisher, has released his autobiography; Being Gary Fisher: The Bicycle Revolution

“Being Gary Fisher and the Bicycle Revolution is an autobiography of sorts. It’s also a mind-blowing trip of ingenious innovation, dogged determination, and boundless energy” – Trek Bikes.

The Bicycle Revolution is Gary Fisher’s Autobiography

being gary fisher autobiography the bicycle revolution

Over 254 pages, co-inventor of the mountain bike, Gary Fisher delivers his memoirs. In his Autobiography The Bicycle Revolution, Gary discusses the past, present and bright future of an industry he helped define. Topics include:

  • Gary’s tales and his mission to bring the joy of cycling to all
  • The birth of mountain biking and one of cycling’s most iconic brands
  • Gary’s vision of a bicycle-centric future for the world
  • Co-written with popular cycling writer Guy Kesteven

gary fisher's autobiography the bicycle revolution inventor of mountain biking

Pricing & Availability

Being Gary Fisher: The Bicycle Revolution retails at $39.99 and is available now direct from Trek Bikes.

Learn more at


  1. Man. Good to be a master marketer!

    Gary Fisher invented mountain biking? Yeah. And Troy Rarick invented Fruita. Just like Al Gore invented the internet. Sheesh.

    None of them invented squat. All they did was strike gold at marketing. And even that wasn’t necessarily their fault.

    • I haven’t read the book yet, but BikeRumor seems sloppy with the “co-inventor of the mountain bike” description. Gary Fisher co-founded the company called MountainBikes, with Charlie Kelly in 1979.

  2. Well, if they were marketing is as a movie the tag line would be “Based on a true story.” At best.

    His version of his achievements is inflated, if we’re being *very* generous.

  3. since it is being pedaled (pun intended) by trek, you know their marketing is going to be 100% accurate and not misleading in the slightest. /s

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