Cinelli adds an all-new, lighter carbon road bike to their line-up for 2021, the aero road Pressure. Already race proven with wins by their UCI Continental Team Colpack, the new fully-integrated, aero carbon Cinelli Pressure looks likely to completely replace their all-rounder Superstar Disc road bike, dropping weight almost 15% while making significant aerodynamic gains.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike

Cinelli is the latest to add an aero, disc brake road bike to their road bike family. And while modern aero road bikes have evolved to look so similar these days, there’s still a lot to be interested in this new white race bike.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, complete Dura-Ace mechanical
c. Cinelli

Much like we’ve seen in similar aero road offerings, the Cinelli Pressure features a aerodynamically optimized shaping, with a nearly horizontal toptube, hidden wedge-style seatpost clamp, proprietary aero post, dropped seatstays, and a smoothly-shaped transition from the fork crown directly into the downtube. But while some aero bikes have gone for even deeper tube shaping, the new Pressure aims to strike more of a balance as a light all-rounder.

Aero road – Tech details

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, frameset

That’s resulted in a bike that has a claimed weight of just 990g (medium) and fork weight of 390g from the hi-mod T800 monocoque carbon frameset.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, integrated cockpit

And of course furthering the integration, it has adopted fully-internal cable routing, using an FSA ACR system routing via the custom-painted, one-piece carbon Vision Metron 5D bar+stem combo cockpit and through the 1.5″ headset into the frame & fork.

Cinelli says it’s a “natural choice” to build the bike up with electronic groupsets, but the ACR system is compatible with mechanical or electronic disc brake groupsets, and there is one Shimano Ultegra mechanical build offered.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, frame details

The disc brake-only Cinelli Pressure is outfitted with standard 12mm thru-axles, flat mount calipers, and gets a PressFit BB86 bottom bracket. Tire clearance is 30mm to fit big enough road tires modern racing.

Road race geometry

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, geometry

The new Pressure is available in five stock sizes (46cm XS – 58cm XL) adapted from racer feedback of the Superstar. Core geometry remains mostly the same, with slightly shortened 410mm chainstays. Medium bikes get lower Stack, negligibly shorter Reach, and shorter wheelbases, while the smaller bikes get a bit smaller & larger bikes, a bit bigger to offer a better fit for more riders.

2021 Cinelli Pressure – Pricing, options & availability

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, riding
c. Cinelli

The new Cinelli Pressure will be available in “Italo flagship” white, with red & black details only, and in a wide range on frameset and complete bike build options, but you’ll likely have to be patient. The earliest claims we’ve seen are that some European dealers will have bikes as early as February 2021, while others say it might be at least the end of March.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, frameset
2021 Cinelli Pressure frameset

The electronic or mechanical-ready groupset-ready frame set will retail for 3500€, including frame, fork, seatpost, the FSA ACR headset and Vision Metron 5D cockpit.

2021 Cinelli Pressure lightweight carbon aero road bike, Campagnolo Super Record EPS
2021 Cinelli Pressure Campagnolo Super Record EPS

Complete bike builds start around 4500€ with Ultegra mechanical, or 5300€ with Ultegra Di2. A Campagnolo Super Record EPS build with Bora WTO 60 wheels will set you back 9950€.


    • you mean the same aerodynamic principle that apply to all bikes designed in wind tunnel?
      Unless you break away from current UCI rules, wind tunnel suggest bikes to be shaped in this way no matter who design it.

    • @Andrew, and Ultegra mechanical derailleurs! 😉 Let’s just say that it wasn’t I who photoshopped it, and the real bike will surely get a complete SR EPS 12 build, I’m sure!

      • Compared to the golden era of the 70s and 80s. Those were the glory days of bike design

        When there was 2 brands of tubes, and they were all the same shape and thickness just slightly different internals and metallurgy?

        • right? Called convergence – when you have the same materials to work with, and the same constraints (weight, tube aspect ratios etc), things are going start to look the same. Only thing left to do is design something different, but inferior.

  1. when the factory already figured that out, why bother? they have 5 carbon models, all of which are open mold except for the Laser. cinelli historically a metal bike maker. hiring someone with a carbon specialization to paw through the build details of fully functional & market-ready products would a) cost more in payroll b) likely not turn up anything worth changing c) cost a ton more per frame if they did choose to get custom.

    the manufacturer isn’t going to design their own products in a way that leaves much fat to be trimmed from the process. they want their customers(brands) to be happy, which means timely, affordable product that can be relied upon to avoid large numbers of warranty claims. there just isn’t any benefit to cinelli, at any point in this process, to say “we know better than you, we’re willing to gamble hundreds of thousands of euros on it.”

  2. The same frame is sold by Engine 11 and Atom 6. Cinelli has been an open mold customer for years. It’s reflected in all their bikes having different styling cues (no consistent design language,) and different standards. The Superstar has a BB86 BB shell, the Zydeco has a BB386EVO shell and the Veltrix has a BSA shell…

  3. Seems like the same guy is entering all the comments on these articles. All the comments sound the same. Open mold this. More expensive and worse design than that. Yadda yadda. These comments are getting boring.

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