Dresden-based, rider-owned Sour Bikes has an all-new steel XC hardtail dubbed the Pasta Party, because what mountain biker doesn’t love a pasta party! In addition to the new modern cross-country bike, pretty much all of their other mountain, gravel, and all-road bikes get updates too. And to top it all off, Sour are testing an all-new steel enduro prototype with an interesting suspension design…

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, RVMBLE Ride Today

c. Sour

Slotting in between their retro-modern Bad Granny and trail shredding Crumble hardtail, the Pasta Party is Sours modern take on the classic steel cross-country hardtail. What you get is a straight-forward mountain bike frame that can be build up geared or single speed, with modern trail-ready geometry and modern trail features.

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, yellow frame

The 2325g frame (M) is handbuilt in Taiwan from multi-butted, heat-treated chromoly tubing, including an ovalized toptube & lower seattube, and gets ED-coated black before it ships to German. There Sour does the final frame finishing, which gives you the chance to pick from their five standard or almost any other custom color.

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, tapered headtube

The Pasta Party frame mixes a bit of new & old standards to allow a flexible, light complete bike build.

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, frame details

It gets a tapered headtube for an external headset, external cable routing under the downtube, an integrated steel seatclamp for a 27.2mm seatpost including stealth dropper routing, and a 12mm thru-axle with Boost rear end spacing.

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, eccentric BB

It features a clamshell eccentric BB shell for a BSA threaded bottom bracket, Sour’s new dropout with replaceable alloy hanger, a direct 160mm flat mount rear brake, and three sets of cage mounts – two in the front triangle, one under the downtube.

Modern XC Geometry

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, geometry

Pasta Party modern XC geometry

The frame is designed around a 100-120mm travel suspension fork, and there is room for up to a 29 x 2.4″ tire. Sour gives the bike what they call modern XC geometry which essentially amounts to long, low & slack for a cross-country bike. Across the four stock 29er frame sizes (S-XL) the Pasta Party gets a 69° head angle, 75° seat angle, and 435mm chainstays.

Pasta Party – Pricing & Options

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, frameset

frameset options

The new XC hardtail will be a bit hard to get ahold of, as they’ve been in high pre-order demand. But Sour says they are opening back up for orders in about two weeks from now, on Jan 15. Mark your calendars.

Sour Pasta Party steel XC hardtail mountain bike, angled

Pricing will start at 800€ for the Pasta Party frame-only. But Sour will also have a number of other options available, including a frameset with an Acros headset and a rigid carbon Whisky MTB Adventure fork or 100mm Fox 32 Performance Elite suspension fork, plus the option to fit a PNW dropper post.

Other 2021 updates to the Purple Haze, Clueless, Crumble, CanCan…

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates, new dropouts

new MTB (left) & Road (right) dropouts

Beyond the all-new Pasta Party (and that enduro prototype below…) pretty much the rest of Sour’s steel frames get a lot of similar updates. That means almost every bike gets Sour’s new updated MTB or Road dropouts, and a move to direct 160mm flat mount rear brakes for most.

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates Purple Haze

The Purple Haze gravel bike gets new routing inside the downtube & stealth dropper routing, plus lower standover height.

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates Clueless

The Clueless all-road bike (which I reviewed last winter) gets the most updates with a jump up to 42mm tire clearance now to make it even more all-terrain, all-road. It also gets an externally tapered headtube, the third bottle mount under the downtube that I asked for, plus internal routing in the downtube & chainstay, and lower standover. It also gets a long-awaited aluminum fork & color-matched steel fender options for even more affordable, versatile builds.

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates Crumble

The Crumble trail hardtail gets slightly longer reaches & slacker 66.5° head angle(now that there’s a shorter travel hardtail, too), a new integrated seat clamp like the Pasta Party, and a second set of water bosses.

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates CanCan

The dirt jumping Cancan gets longer reach too, a new headtube gusset, the integrated seat clamp, and the new gear or singlespeed-ready dropouts.

2021 Sour Bikes affordable steel frame updates Bad Granny

And the lovely Bad Granny klunker looks to be unchanged.

Sour Double Choc steel enduro full-suspension mountain bike prototype

So, what we do know about that new full-suspension enduro prototype? Other than the code-name Double Choc, and the fact that it looks fun to ride!

Sour steel enduro full-suspension mountain bike prototype, screen grab detail

The new bike uses a high single pivot on the seattube, 1x-optimized for limited chain growth, and a fairly unique unified rear triangle (URT) one piece rear end suspension design with a short faux-bar upper link driving the rocker arm into a large volume or piggy-back air shock.

Sour steel enduro full-suspension mountain bike prototype, linkages

Both front & rear triangles appear to be steel, with a machined alloy rocker & short link, produced in Dresden by Metzner Engineering.

Sour steel enduro full-suspension mountain bike prototype

Official word is 143mm of all-mountain to enduro rear wheel travel. The two test bikes in the video are mated to a RockShox Lyrik fork and a Fox 36, and Sour says it’ll be recommended to pair with 140-160mm forks.

Sour won’t give us any more details yet. But let’s just say we are anxiously waiting to hear more!



  1. Smokestack on

    One, love the look of these bikes. Really nice clean lines and subtle graphics. Two, unsure about the thinking of 27.2 dropper sizing. That’s a lotta load on not a lotta surface area, though obviously it helps maintain the aesthetic. Finally, three, that sus design looks like a mighty fine steel copy of the Foes Ridgeback.

    • jason d west on

      This bike is a (or what the article says it is anyway) urt unlike the Foes single pivot. But they do look a lot alike however.

      • Smokestack on

        I think they’re mistaken in that URT designation. Bottom pic is fuzzy, but it looks like the main pivot is on the seat tube in line with the top of the chainring. Maybe they mean URT as a fancy way of saying the rear triangle doesn’t have pivots on the stays? Can’t believe in this age anyone would think to bring back a true URT design and expect it to sell.

  2. JNH on

    In the video it’s clearly a linkage driven single pivot and not a URT, the pivot is roughly in line with the top of the chainring. Which is a good thing, it would take a special kind of brave to try and market a URT 20 years after everyone realised how bad they are.

  3. Anonymous coward on

    27.2 seatpost and flat mount disk tabs are complete fails in 2020. The Crumble trail hardtail looks pretty good and has a proper seattube diameter and post mount disk tabs.

  4. Sweet on

    In fact this is not a URT design, it is a rocker driven single pivot.
    As for the 27.2 seatpost: it brings comfort when using a rigid post and there are quite some good QUALITY dropper options available now

  5. Tom on

    That`s just wrong. It offers way more room the the rear triangle for the brake caliper than trying to fit a pm brake caliper inside the rear triangle. Shimano has The XTR, XT and SLX, Magura the MT and even Sram has the Level brake calipers in flat mount. Also, this frame is designed for 160 mm discs directly, so no adapter needed and if you want to run a 180 mm disc you just need one existing +20 mm flatmount adapter like everybody else. Also alinging the brakes is as easy as post mount brakes, the position of the screw heads does not a change a thing to that.


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