The opening of the 2021 Chris King Open House means it’s time for color. Special edition products with the limited Chris King colors, that is. In what’s become an annual tradition, Chris King opens their doors so that the public can check out their Portland workshop. To celebrate, it’s also become somewhat of a tradition to partner with their favorite companies on custom products.

Dynaplug x Chris King

Along those lines, the meercats at Dynaplug have whipped up a special edition Racer Pro tubeless plugging tool with a signature Chris King turquoise anodized finish complete with the Angry Bee logo. Equipped with four tire plugs thanks to dual insertion tubes, the special edition Racer Pro will sell for $52 in limited quantities.

Brooks x Chris King

Chris King x Brooks cambium c15 saddle

For saddles, Brooks has once again teamed up with Chris King on two limited edition Cambium saddles. This year, the gold rivets have been replaced with a matching turquoise.

Chris King x Brooks cambium c17 saddle

The limited edition saddles will be offered in both the C17 Carved and narrower C15 Carved versions.

Chris King x Brooks cambium c15 c17 saddle

Both saddles are built with a vulcanized rubber surface that includes a relief cut to offer flexible comfort for all weather conditions. The saddles are currently available online for $130 each.

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