The guys at Moots are rightly stoked to be celebrating their 40th anniversary of building premium steel and titanium bikes out of their HQ in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Each Moots bike delivered or ordered in 2021 will therefore feature a Limited Edition Moots 40th Anniversary head badge. 

Moots 40th Anniversary Head Badge

moots limited edition head badge 40th anniversary celebration

Mr. Moots riding among the mountains and clouds as he has done for 40 years

Press Release

Our entire team at Moots couldn’t be more excited to ring in the New Year in 2021 knowing what we have planned. MOOTS began building bikes 40 years ago in 1981 with a mission to build the best bikes on the market that the founder wanted to ride himself.

2021 Moots Routt titanium gravel bike family updates, new Routt 45 50 RSL YBB ti gravel

The 2021 Moots gravel bikes now offer more tire clearance, built for wider range gearing

Although our models have expanded and the material of choice has shifted from steel to titanium, that simple mission remains our goal – to build the best bikes on the market that we want to ride, available in the best bike shops around the world.

moots bottle opener limited edition 40th anniversary

All of us here at Moots feel honored to be part of this team and to continue building on the legacy of quality that this brand has earned over such a long period.

Pricing & Availability

moots 40th anniversary cap jerseys t-shirts

The Moots 40th Anniversary head badge is not available to buy as a stand alone product. To get one, you’ll have to buy a Moots bike in 2021. You can however get your hands on a number of other Moots 40th Anniversary goods including the limited edition Moots bottle opener for $40. It is made from the same titanium billet that they use for many of their small frame parts.

40th Anniversary soft goods are now available, including T-Shirts and Jerseys for men and women, and a Camo Trucker cap priced at $24.


  1. Ron on

    I had a Moots and it was OK… just OK. I eventually replaced it with a Kish, which has turned out to be a much nicer bike.


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