Turner Bikes are probably best known for their full suspension frames. Originally crafted from aluminum, that eventually gave way to carbon fiber as the industry evolved. But recently, it seems like it’s been all Ti, all the time.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame head tube Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame seat tube

Most recently, Turner introduced their ARTi, or All Road Titanium, which was in addition to the Cyclosys Ti. With skinny tires covered it appears that all that gravel riding to develop those bikes made DT yearn for a more capable titanium steed – the new Nitrous. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it was previously used for another Turner model. Back in Turner’s rocker link days, and before dw-link, the Nitrous was a full suspension, short travel mountain bike focused on XC racing.

While still designed for XC riding, and probably some XC racing, the Nitrous Ti is built to be more capable than a gravel bike, but lighter and more nimble than a full suspension rig.

Featuring a beautifully sculpted custom titanium tubeset, the frame may be a classic hardtail, but it is packed with modern tech.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame t47 bb

That includes things like a T47 x 73 bottom bracket situated under a flared seat tube and downtube for improved power transfer. From there, the custom tapered chainstays flow back to a 12 x 148 dropout with a bolt-on thru axle.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame flat mount brakes

At the back, you’ll also find a flat mount brake caliper – something we’ve speculated we’d be seeing more of.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame crankset

The frame is of course dropper post compatible for a 30.9, with the cable exiting the downtube and re-entering the seat tube below the bottle cage mount. Hinting towards its use for endurance epics, the Nitrous includes two standard bottle cage mounts inside the front triangle, a three pack mount on the bottom of the downtube, and top tube mounts for a bag or accessories up top as well.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame geometry

The geometry is said to be modern, but not too modern. That includes a longer reach to be used with shorter stems and wider bars, a slack 66.8° head tube angle, and size specific chainstays. Even on the smallest sizes, the 420mm stays will still clear up to 29 x 2.6″ or 27.5 x 2.8″ tires.

Turner Nitrous titanium hardtail frame complete bike

Listed as being intended for a 120-140mm travel fork with either 29″ or 27.5+ tires, the complete build will include a 120mm travel SID Ultimate Race Day fork with a 44mm offset and 29 x 2.4″ Maxxis Rekon WT tires. Overall, the build kit seems pretty dialed for the price including a SRAM Eagle X0 1×12 drivetrain, Stan’s ARCH CB7 carbon rims with DT Swiss 350 hubs, and OneUp cockpit including their dropper. All this on a titanium frame for less than five grand. Well, before tax anyway with the complete bike priced at $4,995. There’s also a frame + fork option for $2,795 (which presumably includes the same SID fork mentioned above, though it doesn’t appear to be listed.).

Recently, Turner refreshed their website which is notable for what’s missing as much as what’s there. Currently, the only bikes listed on the site are the three titanium options. Does that mean Turner is done with full suspension (though rebuild kits and parts are still listed for sale)? Or just updating the site with new info? We’ve reached out to Turner to find out, and will update when we hear back. Update: David Turner has confirmed that it’s “Ti only, for now. Never know what the future holds, do we?” Turner hopes the Nitrous will be available by February.



  1. David Turner on

    The frames are not Made in USA, I really wanted a long list of standard features, and to do so the frame price would have been over $3500.

    Definitely Not a catalogue frame. Even the dropouts are my design, so they will work with the same forged hanger we have been using for 9 years. Head tubes are custom machined for each size, with variable taper. Butting and tapering of long tubes too. These bikes may not have linkage, but they were not a short path to completion.

  2. ap on

    Oh my, this is very nice! Love the design and details. Pretty good value as well. so refreshing to see a good quality hardtail option. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a replacement to my cracked carbon hardtail that I use for a weekly race series in the spring and summer. This just made it to the short list.

    • JBikes on

      For a XC/Trail hardtail? It’s a good number and consistent if not slacker than the competition. Name others that are significantly slacker in that category?

      This is not an enduro hardtail.

    • Ol' Shel' on

      And who’s buying a Ti hardtail for park riding?

      Most people don’t need a super-slack bike, unless they just want to fit in. Some of us still ride both up and down.

  3. JBikes on

    Awesome news. Hopefully we see some FS MTB’s but I can also understand this can be a hard market to crack and there are a LOT of options now.

  4. David Turner on

    For the record, 67 is measured with a 120 fork, and the Nitrous takes 120-140mm of travel. So it can be a bit plusher and a bit slacker, but I will never call it an enduro class HT!

    Thanks for the kind words on some of the details I think so much about.


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