Kilian Bron has made a name for himself with insane riding in amazing places. But the other half of the equation lies in the amazing footage that captures all of the action. By now, you may have seen GoPro’s HERO9 Black Million Dollar Highlight clip – but now we’re getting a closer look at the segment that landed Kilian Bron and Pierre Dupont $17,000 a piece.

Limited to just a few short clips in the highlight reel, the video above gives you a much better sense of why the duo took one of the top spots. Part of the third annual Million Dollar Challenge, GoPro split the winnings between 56 different creators, that each won more than $17k.

In this case, Kilian teamed up with Pierre Dupont, an FPV pilor and filmmaker to come up with the incredible video. Apparently, this is actually part of a travel and adventure shoot for Commencal Bicycles in Turkey, which won’t be out for a few months. Fortunately for us, the team thought to film for the MDC while they were on location, and fortunately for them, the combination of the right light, scenery, riding, and filming was worthy of a win.

This wasn’t the first time Kilian and Pierre have worked together either – Drone Revolution was shot with what Pierre claims was the first drone capable of carrying a GoPro Fusion.

Want more Bron action by drone? Pierre Dupont and Cinematic Flow were behind the controls on Our Tour de France which released this past September. For more details on how Bron and Dupont came up with their winning GoPro clip, check out The Inside Line from GoPro linked below.

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