At the last Interbike ever, a hammock caught our attention. Specifically, it was a hammock attached to a stand integrated into an ALTA bike rack. At that point, the rack was the big story since the hammock stand and lift gate table were still in the prototype phase. But now it’s official – with ALTA’s new accessories, your bike rack will turn into the perfect post ride hang out spot.

Alta Rack’s Hammock Stand

With a background in designing military and off-road equipment, ALTA Racks are built to the same standards. That allows for a hitch mounted rack that can fit up to six bikes, and is strong enough to support their new accessories like the Hammock Stand.

Alta Rack’s Hammock Stand disassembled

Made from steel tubing that has been sand blasted, zinc coat primered, and powder coated, the Hammock Stand breaks down into pieces small enough to fit in the included storage and carry pouch. The longest piece of tubing is 5’3″ long.

Alta Rack’s Hammock Stand with hammock

There are two leg height settings to accommodate short and tall vehicles, the tubing interlocks with steel safety pins to keep it together. The Hammock stand does not include a hammock, so you’ll have to supply your own. Sold as an accessory to the bike rack, the Hammock Stand is priced at $180.

Hover Table

Alta Rack’s Hover table

Another prototype that we saw at Interbike, the Hover Table is also getting official with two separate sizes.

Alta Rack’s Hover table stowed

The Table is designed so that it can be stored vertically when transporting bikes. But when you’re at the trailhead, the table flips down and is supported with ratchet straps to provide an accessible spot for ride prep, pre- or post-ride meals, and more. The strap system allows the table to be leveled even if the vehicle is parked on an incline.

Alta Rack’s Hover table sizes

Offered in two sizes, the Small is meant to fit the ALTA Lefty, while the Large fits the ALTA Four, Five, and Six. Made from raw aluminum, the tables can be powder coated on request for an additional $70, and are priced at $199 for the small and $299 for the Large.



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