UK distributors Cyclorise have announced the addition of an alloy version of Fasst Company’s ground-breaking suspension handlebar, the Fasst Flexx Enduro and DH. The material update makes these eye-wateringly expensive MTB bars $100 cheaper than their carbon counterpart, now priced at $324.99.

Photos courtesy of Cyclorise

Fasst Company Flexx Alloy Suspension Handlebars

fasst flexx alloy suspension handlebar

We got it, that is still a heap of cash to spend on a handlebar. Is it worth it? As always, it depends. We tested the original carbon Fasst Flexx Enduro bar and immediately saw tangible benefits to running a suspension handlebar. The vibration damping qualities in the load plane are second to none, while the bar remains super stiff in the steering axis.

enduro mtb bar flex compliance reduced arm pump fasst co
Testing the original carbon Fasst Flexx Enduro suspension handlebar – Photo by Innes Graham

Wait a second. A bendy bar? I must be mad, right? Well, maybe, but the fact that Fasst Co have been make suspension handlebars for motocross tells you these guys know what they’re doing. It is not a gimmick. They know how to make strong handlebars. This gave me the confidence to charge hard in testing. Read the complete long-term review here.

fasst flexx alloy suspension handlebar 31.8mm clamp 25mm rise

As you can probably tell from all that hardware, these uniquely tuneable suspension handlebars for mountain biking are not lightweight. The carbon version we tested weighs in at 450g, while the new Flexx alloy bar weighs a claimed 550g. To put that into context, the Nukeproof Horizon V2 35mm clamp 25mm riser alloy bar weighs a claimed 290g. So, yeah, they are heavy. But it’s enduro and DH remember. We race down, not up!

fasst co flexx alloy enduro mtb handlebar
Both the carbon and alloy Flexx bars have a 31.8mm diameter clamp area with a 25mm rise

We previously asked Chris Tidwell of Fasst Co why they opted for a carbon bar in the first instance. He said, “When we started the project several years ago (2015), weight was more of a concern. Now several years later weight is less of a concern if durability, comfort or improved handling is gained as well.”

Pricing & Availability

The new Flexx Alloy handlebar from Fasst Company is available now in 8° and 12° backsweep version for $324.99. That gets you an 800mm (Enduro) or an 810mm (DH) bar with four different sets of rebound and compression elastomers; soft, medium, hard and extra hard.


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