The new Terra Emblema stem weighs a claimed 99g, making it one of the lightest mountain bike stems on the market. Terra Bikes are a young company operating out of Arezzo, Italy, partnering with the Materia Racing machine shop to produce the Emblema stem. Launching with the 35mm clamp MTB option, Terra have super lightweight gravel bike stems on the way too…

Terra Bike Emblema 99g Stem

terra emblema 99g mtb stem cnc machined aluminium raw finish

CNC-machined from solid aluminium, the Terra Emblema is a 40mm reach super lightweight stem for 35mm clamp bars. With steel bolts, it weighs a claimed 110g. Swap those out for titanium ones and you knock the weight down to 99.3g.

terra bikes super lightweight 40mm mtb slem 35mm clamp embelma

Terra Bikes say the design focused on placing material at the points of maximum stress, and removing it from areas that experience less stress, allowing them to keep the weight as low as possible. Certified according to ISO 4210-5, the Emblema stem passed all the static lateral and frontal flexion tests it was subjected to.

terra emblema black super lightweight mtb stem 40mm reach 35mm clamp

45mm and 35mm reach options are on the way for 35mm clamp bars. Terra Bikes are also developing a 31.8mm clamp version for gravel with 60mm and 65mm reach options.

Pricing & Availability

super lightweight mountain bike stem 99g 40mm reach 35mm clamp


The lightest version of the Terra Emblema stem with titanium bolts will set you back €149.95. If that’s more than your pocket can stretch to, pick up the heavier steel bolt version for €119.95.


  1. None Given on

    About a year ago I almost got a stem (ultra light) from another company. I hesitated based on the clamp style. Low and behold the internet has many stories about them becoming loose at bad times. Just the other day a friend of mine had the exact same stem come loose at a very bad time….to me, stems are just maybe not the best place to save weight (coming loose is part of the thin AL “straps” stretching over the 35mm radius and eventually closing flat on the stem face – becoming permanently loose)


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