You’ve got a frozen lake and a bike. What’s a rider to do? The easiest, and safest way to gain some traction would be to add a pair of studded tires – like many of the different sized options from 45NRTH. But that would be too easy. And this is YouTube we’re talking about, so to get those sweet views, this guy built himself some new wheels. Out of saw blades.

After taking apart the stock wheels and hubs, the saw blades were grafted onto the hubs to fit within the frame and use the existing brake mounts. Apparently, the saw blades were a little too sharp and cut into the ice, so wider tabs were welded onto each tooth to provide some forward thrust.

The end result does seem to work, but unlike studded tires, you won’t get very far once you’re off the ice! Not to mention the potential for serious injury…



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