Want to build your own e-bike? Jeff Jones, maker of fully rigid off-road bicycles and components, just launched the perfect frameset for you to do just that – The Jones Plus LWB HD/e.

Those acronyms stand for Long Wheel Base and Heavy Duty/ebike. Its arrival is huge news for Jones Bikes, being the debut frameset of a new Jones Motorbikes brand. Here’s the details…

Jones Motorbikes

jones plus lwb hd/e heavy duty ebike mtb rigid frame motorbike bafang mid drive

Jones Motorbikes is home to the familiar Jones Bikes frames you’re used to, only with electric motors. Jones have taken their Plus LWB frame and made a few key alterations to make it stronger and stiffer to withstand the additional forces associated with ebikes.

Jones Plus LWB HD/e

The information in this video is everything we know about Jones Motorbikes so far. But, for those of you who don’t want to watch a 4:30 video, here’s a quick summary:

The Jones Plus LWB HD/e is almost the same as the original Plus long wheelbase bicycle, only stronger, stiffer, a little heavier, and the chainstay is one inch longer. Why longer stays? Jones says the longer rear center helps prevent unintentional wheelies when the motor engages, and it permits sufficient chainring clearance for compatibility with mid-drive motors such as those offered by Bafang.

jones plus lwb hde motorbike bafang mid drive motor

The frame has a standard threaded BB (not an oversized eccentric version), helping to save a little on weight and allow space enough for the installation of bottom bracket motor kits. Chainring clearance is massive allowing the fitment of up to a 50T chainring. 

The LWB HD/e gets heat-treated Chromoly tubing that’s thicker with different butting profiles from the standard LWB to add strength and stiffness, making the frame more suitable for carrying big loads. In keeping with that intention, the bike gets a kickstand so you can prop it up fully loaded with all your bikepacking gear.

jones motorbikes yellow plus lwb hd/e bikepacking ebike frame

Jeff Jones calls this a DIY e-bike. That’s because you can pick up a frameset and spec it how you like, with the mid-drive motor and battery pack of your choice tailored to the power and/or range you need. It is specifically made to become an e-bike. 

Pricing & Availability

jones plus lwb hde ebike loaded

The Jones Plus LWB HD/e is available as a frameset with either a uni-crown or Truss fork (in steel or titanium). It will also be available as a stock complete non-motorized bike, and as a complete ebike with a number of choices of motor size and battery pack. Hang in there for pricing info, we’ll update as we get it.



  1. nooner on

    How wide Is the BB shell? Bafang kits work best with 68mm width BB’s.
    Bikes like this could give Class 1 eMTB a bad name so please ride responsibly.

  2. Strat on

    They work best with 68 mm because of their stock chainring has 19 mm of offset. They’re made from stamped steel, absolute trash. Jones had the good sense to run 148 rear with a properly designed aluminum chainring.

  3. Huffagnolo SuperMagna on

    This looks like a cool Jones bike with one of those crappy kits on it. Shimano or Bosch would have been a great choice this is meh at best!

  4. Koperen on

    Bosch does only ship out Bosch motors to OEM manufacturers. The motor is programmed for a specific wheel diameter and gear type/range.


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