Spokane, WA based GSI Outdoors has been putting out cookware and gear for eating outside since 1985, when they started with their iconic blue enamel tableware.  With more people turning to the outdoors not only as a means to get away, but a means to more safely enjoy each other’s company in the time of COVID, eating outside has become a popular option for those wishing to share a meal without setting foot inside a restaurant or confined space in addition to campers grabbing a bite in the fresh air.

GSI’s new Rakau collection expands on the company’s focus on providing functional designs that enhance outdoors meal sharing experiences and brings a seven item lineup made from a variety of sustainably-sourced FSC wood and eco-friendly recycled materials.  FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is widely considered the benchmark designation for sustainably and responsibly sourced wood and GSI’s dedication to sustainability led them to seek out materials with this certification where possible.  Furthermore, all Rakau products are sold in sustainable packaging on FSC board and printed with vegetable-based ink.

The Rakau lineup is aimed at those looking to avoid plastics, and provide long lasting sustainably-made products equally at home at the campsite, on the beach, or at home in the kitchen.  Here’s a quick run-down of the seven items in the line –

Rakau Picnic Table

Rakau Table Open/Folded

The Rakau Picnic Table (MSRP $49.95) is a lightweight (2lbs 15oz.), versatile table with
aluminum legs that fold beneath the durable bamboo table-top that doubles as a cutting
cutting board. In addition, two metal wine glass holders that swing out
from either side help avoid spills and allow you to maximize the table surface space making it an excellent choice for car camping or van-lifers.

Rakau Knife Set

Rakau Knife Set Spread

The Rakau Knife Set (MSRP $69.95) includes a compact bamboo Rakau Cutting
Board (also available separately), a recycled microfiber dish towel, soap bottle, knife sharpener and a set of three stainless steel knives; a 6″ Santoku blade, 6″ serrated bread knife, and a 3.5″ paring knife.  Each knife has a handle made of waterproof wood laminate from floor sweepings of an FSC certified sawmill, and comes with a protective sheath designed to make the portable set last.

The Rakau Cutting Board (MSRP $6.95) is a dual-sided laminated bamboo cutting board
with an integrated drip gutter for managing liquids.

Rakau 3 piece Cutlery Set

Rakau Woode Cutlery

The Rakau 3 piece Cutlery Set (MSRP $8.95) includes a wood knife, wood fork and wood
spoon all made from solid FSC certified beechwood and comes in a compact travel bag made from recycled rPET sourced from post-consumer water bottles.

Rakau Spatula, Chef Spoon & Tongs

Rakau Spatula, Tongs, Spoon

Finally, along with the FSC beechwood cutlery set, there are three different cooking tools available separately. Choose from the Rakau Spatula ($8.95), Rakau Chef Spoon ($4.95) and Rakau Tongs ($5.95).

The knife set is set to ship in March 2021, with the table following in June.  The cutlery set, cutting board, chef’s spoon, tongs, and spatula are available now.  You can get all of the GSI Outdoors Rakau products at REI.



  1. If you really wanted to be sustainable, just pop into your local, Salvation Army, Value Village, Thrift Store etc. and pick up some better quality used items. Do you really want to eat with a wooden fork, learn to eat with chop sticks.

    • Ahhhhh – got to the love SJW’s. In their honor I will leave the car in Sport/Race mode for the rest of the week (11mph or so).

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