Around 25 years ago Boone Technologies halted production of bike parts, turning their attention to the manufacture of Titanium wedding rings. Ever since, they are frequently asked, “When are you going to make bike components again?”. The answer is now. Boone are back with one of the flashiest looking crank sets we’ve seen in some time. The curved design isn’t purely for aesthetic purposes either… The Boone Cranx! Machined Aluminium Cranks are served up with aerodynamic drag reduction claims. Here’s more.

Boone Cranx!

boone cranx! aluminium crank set aerodynamic 175mm arms

The claimed weight of each 175mm aluminium crank arm is just 245g 

Boone are now producing aluminium and titanium bike components out of a US aerospace parts manufacturing facility, putting the finishing touches to each at their shop in Kennesaw, GA. 

boone cranx! alloy crankset spider mount on 2x road setup

The new Boone Cranx! are CNC machined out of aluminium billet. The result is a lightweight crankset with an unusual curved design in the arms, said to offer aerodynamic advantages. 

boone cranx direct mount

Boone are offering the Cranx! in 175mm only, with direct-mount and spider options available. The internal spline attachment machined for these cranks is compatible with BB30 standard bottom brackets.

boone cranx spider spline lock ring retention

Pricing & Availability

The Boone Cranx! machined aluminium crankset will set you back $495 USD. There is a Titanium version on the way for those of you with a bit of patience and deeper pockets.


  1. Tom on

    I’d venture to guess this thing is neither light nor stiff, based on construction. As for the aero, well it looks cool. Kinda like a fishing lure. That’s probably enough.

    • echterkurti on

      yeah, 100% correct on that note. Looks like we are relearning the lessons from the old kooka cranks, too. guys, please look to some real engineering. I know that’s harsh, but, really.

  2. Al on

    Maybe the finish from trying to see how few passes they could get away with on the tool path gives extra vortex generating aero schmaero?


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