Looking to offer a more varied range of tape colors, Lizard Skins just announced two new ‘earth tone’ options. The news was announced a few days before Earth Day, but really, the new colors seem to be more inspired by the recent gravel trend.

earth tone V2 DSP handlebar tape chocolate

Citing the fact that gravel riders often prefer more muted colors than the flashy tape found on road bikes, Lizard Skins took some inspiration from some of the more natural colors. Of course, there’s nothing preventing you from using this on your road bike, commuting bike, or any other bicycle with a drop bar or even flat bar for that matter.

earth tone V2 DSP handlebar tape olive green

Adding Olive Green and Chocolate Brown to the mix, both tapes are part of the DSP V2 family which uses a new Dura Soft Polymer formula to make the tape more durable, but still just as grippy and comfortable. The V2 tape also includes a new pattern on the surface, and a revised screw-in bar plug to finish things off.

Offered in 2.5mm or 3.2mm thicknesses, the tape comes in 208cm rolls and includes finishing tape for $39.99. Available now.


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