Cyclists aren’t all hippies, but most of us share some common views with the long-hairs; We respect the environment, and we love to enjoy the feeling of freedom! Bike and music lovers State Bicycle Co. have just announced a Grateful Dead inspired collection of goodies, aiming to “spread good vibes and take the recent bike boom to new heights”.

The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead collection includes two limited edition Klunker bicycles, jerseys, bibshorts and hats, plus a few parts and accessories. All pieces in the collection boast the Grateful Dead’s widely recognized dancing bears and lightning bolt logos, and the apparel is all part of SBC’s Sustainable Clothing Collection.

Limited Edition Klunkers

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, Lightning Bolt Klunker

*The Lightning Bolt Klunker

A whimsical combination of a beach cruiser, mountain bike and BMX, the Klunker is a bike made for fun, carefree rides! State Bicycle is offering their Klunker with two different limited edition Grateful Dead graphics, dubbed the Dancing Bears and Lightning Bolt editions. Aside from the paint and graphics, the two bikes are identical.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, Dancing Bears Klunker

*The Dancing Bears Klunker

The Klunkers’ frame and forks are made from steel and the frame comes in one size, appropriate for riders from 5’5” to 6’3”.  The Klunkers roll on knobby 27.5×2.3” WTB tires, wrapped around durable 36h BMX-style rims. Keeping the Klunker tradition, stopping duties are handled by a coaster brake.  These single-speed cruisers are set up with a 42t chainring and 22t cog in the back.

Up front a BMX style V-bar offers a 7” rise and 30” width.  Your contact points are set of Vans grips and a retro-style Leatherette saddle. The bikes also include a pair of flat pedals, and best of all, one of SBC’s frame-mounted bottle openers! MSRP for either model is $549, and the frame and forks are covered by a five year warranty.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead Apparel:

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, Lightning Bolt jersey

The eyes of the world will be stoked to know all items in the State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead lineup are part of SBC’s Sustainable Clothing Collection. Each item is crafted from recycled 100% post-consumer waste and features REPREVE polyester, which is made primarily from recycled water bottles.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, Gool Ol' GD jersey

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, dancing bears jersey

There are four jerseys available: Tie-Dye Skulls, Lightning Bolt, Good Ol’ Grateful Dead and of course Dancing Bears.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, tie-dye skulls jersey

The jerseys offer a performance cut and feature a full front zipper, three back pockets, and premium hem grippers. MSRP is $79.99 for all styles. Sizes range from S-XXL.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, bib shorts

Featuring a tie-dye skull logo on the left leg and a ‘STATE’ logo filled with dancing bears across the back, the Dancing Bears Bibs are a perfect match for the above jerseys. The bibs provide a performance cut, and utilize Rich-Black Lycra that won’t fade with normal wear and tear. The legs include high-grade black grippers at the hems. Sizes S-XXL are available for $89.99.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, T-shirt

*The front of the T-shirt shows a line of dancing bears.

If you want to show your love for The Dead when you’re not riding, State Bicycle Co. is also offering this Dancing Bears T-shirt for $29.99.


In addition to Klunkers and clothing, State Bicycle Co. has created a few accessories to further adorn your bike (or its rider) with Grateful Dead paraphernalia.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, saddle

The Dancing Bears Saddle is available in three colors: Each features the SBC skull with dancing bears surrounding it, but you can choose from Black, White or Tie-Dye backgrounds. These shock-absorbing polyurethane saddles feature steel rails and measure 130x250mm. The saddles sell for $39.99.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, foot straps

For deadhead commuters or fixie riders that like some foot retention, SBC has created the Dancing Bears Foot Straps. Just like the song goes, “She had rings on her fingers and dancing bear foot straps on her shoes…” right? The foot straps retail at $34.99.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, bar tape

SBC’s Dancing Bears Bar Tape is sure to spice up your front end! Bar tape is all about personal expression so why not show some respect for The Dead and cover your grips with tons of little dancing bears! SBC’s kit includes two rolls of bar tape and even the plastic bar end plugs boast skull logos. MSRP is $24.99.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, cycling cap

Want some dead on your head? The Dancing Bears Cycling Cap features those iconic bears on both sides and a skull logo on the back. It comes in one size, but offers several colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue or Green. The caps sell for $19.99.

State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead, stem cap

*Images c. State Bicycle Co.

Perhaps the most accessible and universal piece in the collection is this sweet stem cap. A potential add-on to any bike with a 1-1/8” threadless steerer tube, this cap’s tie-dye paint job and ‘STATE’ logo with dancing bears is weather and UV resistant. Best of all, it’s a justifiable impulse buy as it only costs $9.99!


  1. Bill B on

    My wheels are turning and I can’t stand still! Definitely got my chips cashed in – so I can buy some of this stuff.


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