Trials Biking and BMX legends Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle are back with another unmissable edit to get you stoked for the weekend of riding that lies ahead. This time, the Scottish duo get creative in the woods and at the seaside; highlights include a wild one-footer shralp from Kriss Kyle and the most unlikely tightrope action from Danny MacAskill. Grab a cuppa.

Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle in This And That

From Danny MacAskill: “After a frustrating few months of making and cancelling projects it was amazing to finally get back on the road with my good friend and BMX legend Kriss Kyle. In six days we managed to squeeze in a whole lot of riding on the Mountain Bikes as well as the Trials Bike and BMX and had a lot of fun along the way.”

kriss kyle beach side air bmx riding this and that

“A massive thanks to Endura for getting behind this project last minute and allowing us to go out and make this fun film. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it”.

macaskill and kyle wear endura pisspot helmet

For Trials and BMX riding myself and Kriss use the Endura Pisspot Helmet, and for MTB we use the MT500 Helmet“.

This And That: The Crash Reel


  1. Two observations:
    – Kriss Kyle crashes like a cat
    – I want to see a video with Danny MacKaskill and Tony Hawk

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