The Diamondback Metric 24 is a new aluminum kids bike that’s affordable and actually available right now. With 24″ wheels running 1.75″ tires, it doesn’t quite push over into the mountain bike classification but it would certainly go well on the local bike path, pump track and even a few gravelly off-road sections. 

Diamondback Metric 24 Kids Bike

diamonback metric 24" kids bike blue

Diamondback don’t specify a rider height for the Metric 24 kids bike, but this frame with its 24″ wheels and a standover height of 630mm will likely fit children aged 9+. It gets a durable aluminium frame and wheelset with fast rolling 1.75″ tires that will help your children keep up with their friends at the park.

diamonback metric 24" kids bike rim brakes

Fitted with rim brakes, this bike could be a good option for kids who may still be learning how to brake safely. If your child still likes to grab a handful of brake it’s best to steer clear of the more powerful disc brakes until they’ve learned how to come to a safe, controlled stop.

diamonback metric 24" kids bike grip shoft shimano 7 speed
diamonback metric 24" kids bike chainring protected

The Diamondback Metric 24 gets a grip shift; the 1 x 7 speed Shimano Revo drivetrain will keep gear changes simple for young riders who are still figuring out how to “make it harder” and how to “make it easier”. 

diamonback metric 24" kids bike padded junior saddle

The Metric 24 also gets Soft Kraton Rubber grips and a padded Diamondback Jr Saddle. The cranks are 152mm long fitted with a 36T chainring protected with a dual-sided guard. The hanger that bolts the rear mech to the frame is also replaceable, so when your little one smashes it off a rock, it isn’t the end of the bike’s life. 

diamonback metric 24" kids bike 580mm handlebar

The aluminium handlebar is 580mm wide, but that can be cut down by your local bike shop if it is still too much of a stretch for your child. The bike doesn’t come supplied with fenders but there are mounts should you need to add them for the school run.

diamonback metric 24 kids bike geometry 24" wheels ages 8-12

The Diamondback Metric 24 geometry chart should allow you to make a more educated guess as to whether the bike will fit

Pricing & Availability

diamonback metric 24" kids bike blue frame alloy

The Diamondback Metric 24 retails at $450 USD and is available now direct from Diamondback. You can have it in any color so long as it’s blue.


  1. Ggd on

    Those shifters on a children’s bike are nonsense : my kids release their full grip off the bar on one side just to shift because that shifter is not so easy to turn, and so they risk a potential loss of control…
    Why won’t bikes for kids get mtb-style 2-trigger shifters ? One to go easier, one to push harder. Deadly simple and efficient. They shouldn’t be much more expensive anyway.
    Kids’ attention should be on the road, on enjoying the ride, on whatever BUT turning that shift-ring.

    • King County on

      Not all ‘twist’ style shifters are created equal. I put a Shimano 8sp on a get-around bike and its so easy to twist a baby could do it. To be fair to you, I’ve seen some twisters that are very hard to move. Try installing an ultra slick inner cable on your kids’ bike. It may help.

    • Dockboy on

      I swapped my kids bike from a Shimano RevoShifter to a SRAM trigger. Twist shifters just don’t work well for small hands.

  2. Ant'ney on

    My 2 boys had the previous version of this bike, in a red/orange color. They were brilliant for the year-2 years they lasted, fit-wise, although a bit heavy. They are still floating around my neighborhood with other kids on them, now that my boys have outgrow them. Beats the department store bikes for sure.


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