When HED set out to create their Emporia gravel wheel lineup, they say there were two design goals. First, the tire bed had to work with a wide range of gravel tires. Second? Don’t forget the aerodynamics. The result was a wheelset with a wide rim profile that offeres aero benefits as well. And now, thanks to the GC3 Performance edition, they’re more affordable than ever.

HED Emporia GC3 Performance wheelset rim profile

HED points out that their 26mm internal width is already ahead of the curve and lets gravel tires fill out to their full potential. The rim is also 30mm deep, which HED says combines with a 32mm deep tire, creates an airfoil about 60mm deep. Obviously, the aero claims will depend on what tire and size you’re running, but there is potential there.


HED Emporia GC3 Performance wheelset specs

HED Emporia GC3 Performance wheelset specs

The rims are made from 150 GSM carbon fiber, and have a claimed weight of 405g each. When built into a 700c wheelset with Sapim Race DB spokes, you’re looking at a 1,545g weight for the wheelset.

HED Emporia GC3 Performance wheelset front

HED Emporia GC3 Performance wheelset rear

Tubeless compatible, and handmade in the USA, the wheels include the HED Performance hubset and ship with tubeless tape and tubeless valves. Available only in 700c at the moment, the wheels are priced at $1,650 per set.

GC3 Performance edition


    • Tenacious E on

      “Affordable” is relative. Besides, the article says “more affordable” not “Affordable. They are cheaper than the typical HED offering.

    • Shafty on

      Yes, but they also are a much more conservative company. They’re also huge, so it’s not surprising for them to stick to established standards. Hookless overall is quite uncommon yet.

  1. Jeff on

    I would take nextie or light bicycle wheels over these any day. The track record for those companies keeps getting better and better and they are actually affordable and a good value. HED is a brand for sponsored riders and people looking for an image to portray vs someone looking for a good wheelset.


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