When launched their huge-tire GMX+ monster off-road adventure bikepacking rig last year, much of its capability came down to the titanium bike’s new massive full carbon fork. Now, Curve is pulling that non-suspension-corrected GMX+ Carbon fork off on its own, so more adventurous riders can build up their own custom limitless backcountry bikepacking bikes…

Curve GMX+ Carbon off-road bikepacking fork with 29×3″ clearance

Curve GMX+ Carbon monster gravel off-road adventure bikepacking fork for 29x3" tires, ride testing

c. Curve Cycling

Calling their new full-carbon Curve GMX+ fork “a purpose-built fat tire non-suspension corrected bikepacking fork” highlights how niche this really is. But especially to custom framebuilders looking to create the kind of bike that cross continents, the Curve’s carbon GMX+ fork fills a real gap between gravel forks and mountain bike suspension forks.

Curve GMX+ adventure bikepacking bike, titanium off-road MTB mountain bike gravel monster cross plus bikepacking bike

Curve GMX+ titanium adventure bike, GMX+ carbon fork & Walmer bar

Just like their ti GMX+ bike was developed to open up your adventure beyond where the gravel roads (or even singletrack) end, this fork is all about getting out there.

Curve GMX+ Carbon monster gravel off-road adventure bikepacking fork for 29x3" tires, loaded

We got tired of forcing bikes designed around suspension into fat-tire bikepacking applications. Most of the big brands seem to say, ‘just replace the suspension fork with a rigid fork and you’ve got a fat-tire bikepacking rig’. We thought that seemed lazy and so we started with a blank sheet of paper and came up with the GMX+; a fat-tire bikepacking bike designed without suspension. The low axle-crown GMX+ Carbon Fork was a critical part of this platform. Frame builders have gotten more creative in recent years and demand for individual sale has increased. Now the time is right to release the GMX+ Carbon Fork as a standalone product” – Jesse Carlsson, Curve co-founder & head of product testing.

Tech details

Curve GMX+ Carbon monster gravel off-road adventure bikepacking fork for 29x3" tires, angled

Designed not as a replacement for a suspension fork, but rather for a dedicated rigid adventure bike to keep the front end as low as possible without compromising tire clearance, the non-suspension-corrected Curve GMX+ fork has a short axle-to-crown length of 430mm. (Compare that for example to say to the 411mm a-c Lauf Grit SL with 30mm, or the 506mm a-c RockShox SID SL with 100mm of travel, making the GMX+ shorter than even an 80mm 26″ fork.) With that in mind, there’s still plenty of room for a 29er wheel with a 3″ tire plus some mud, meaning there’s no limit where you can roam.

Curve GMX+ Carbon monster gravel off-road adventure bikepacking fork for 29x3" tires, details

At a claimed 619g (uncut), the carbon fork features a tapered 1.5″ carbon steerer (including carbon expander), 55mm offset, Boost 15x110mm thru-axle, and 180mm post mount front brake with external cable routing.

Built to haul heavy loads, each leg gets six stainless steel M5 mounts, rated for up to 3kg per side (over any three bolts)

Curve GMX+ Carbon fork –  Pricing & availability

Curve GMX+ Carbon monster gravel off-road adventure bikepacking fork for 29x3" tires, riding

The new carbon Curve GMX+ fork is available now for A$900 in Australian Dollarydoos (~$680 US / 570€) and can be shipped globally from Curve’s base in Melbourne, Australia. Or you can even pick one up straight from a number of participating dealer bike shops around the world.



    • lrz on

      The fork was not developed for the type of bike that would benefi from a fork crown mount.
      When riding offroad you’re better off having the light higher up. Also, having the light mounted on the crown would interfere with a handlebar roll.

      • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

        That’s not true about lights interfering with rolls up front unless frame size is incredibly small. Most rolls and fork crown mounted lights work just fine. You have more interference with bar mounted lights taking up valuable mounting spots. Not to mention, and most importantly, with no dynamo set up you can’t charge anything unless you find an outlet.

    • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

      Right?! Don’t the Aussies go adventuring at night? I would give up half of the fork blade mounts on this thing for just one light mount.


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