It sucks to get stuck roadside or trailside, with a flat tire and a stuck valve you can’t unstick. Happily, Nut Jobs is here to help. (What?)

That’s correct; Southern California-based wheel builder RideFast Racing designs its new Nut Jobs alloy tubeless valves to help ease the pain of valves fused with tire sealant or trail debris. The brand collaborates with local multi-tool company Fix MFG to deliver its new valves, which feature 2 hardware options to aid in valve removal: a 10mm hex nut (stem) and a 4mm Allen key (base).

A Nut Job’s Life: Inspiration and Specs

“We were originally approached by Tony Zentil (Fix MFG founder and owner) a year ago about adding a 10mm hex nut to our existing alloy tubeless valves,” said RideFast owner Scott Parsons. “We loved the idea and a year later Nut Jobs are here.

The 10mm nut on the stem is a good choice for its ubiquity; any mechanic knows a 10mm wrench is a tool of the trade, and they tend to pop up everywhere. The 4mm Allen key at the base delivers a secondary removal option for the most stubborn jobs. And the aluminum valve caps feature an integrated valve core remover for easy sealant work without tire removal. A tapered rubber base should make the valves compatible with most tubeless or tubeless compatible rims.

ridefast nut jobs installed

Fix MFG’s Wheelie Wrench has everything you need for Nut Jobs, plus 15 other tools, fits in a pocket and weighs 4 oz.

Options and Availability for Nut Jobs Tubeless Valves

Nut Jobs are available in two sizes: 46mm to fit rims up to 32mm deep, and 70mm to fit rims from 42-55mm deep. The short valves come in 7 colors including iridescent “Oil Slick.” Black is the only color for the longer valves.

MSRP for the 46mm size is $30. The 70mm size MSRP’s at $34. At the time of writing, only the short size was available on RideFast Racing’s website.


  1. DSchrute on

    Wait what? great for install at the shop to really crank them down but lets get real…. where else is there a 10mm nut on a modern mtb, road, gravel bike?

    • Tony on

      The 10mm nut is for trail side removal when they are stuck. Installation is just finger tight, no tools required. Otherwise, yes a 10mm is rare on bikes unless you are talking some BMX dropouts. We had the space so we used it. Tony @ FIX

  2. claudiobosticco on

    Nice valves, but the conical rubber which tries to seal on the inside of the rim hole is always a bummer. Please see ethirteen valves to know how it’s done.

  3. bmwt on

    Didn’t Boyd of Boyd Wheels do a wingnut (no tool needed) version? I Googled it – Offset Wingnut and it’s even patented.

  4. Mark Mckie on

    The 10 mm nut is not to crank it down, it is to make removal easier when the valve thread is gunged up Having had to pull a valve through the rim to get a tube in before it looks a simple but effective design.


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