Take Claudio to the Limit is a new five part series challenging World Cup Downhill legend Claudio Caluori to crazy riding-related challenges on the trails of Graubuenden, Switzerland. Steve Peat, another star of downhill, is the first to Take Claudio to the Limit. The challenge? A “race” down the exposed ridge lines of Davos aboard a retro Klunker hand picked by Gary Fisher, feat. lycra and speed traps.

Retro Trail: Take Claudio to the Limit

French enduro racer Morgane Such, German slopestyle and YouTube hero Lukas Knopf, French downhill superstar Loic Bruni and Danish endurance specialist Annika Langvad are up next, with their own special challenges designed to Take Claudio to the Limit. 

claudio caluori klunker racing switzerland steve peat


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  1. VJGoh on

    Well, that was disappointing. A few minutes of them kind of riding around and that’s it. No discussion, no comparison. Such a great concept and a huge letdown in execution. There are at least a half-dozen amateur MTB channels that execute better than this on their videos. :/


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