Mark Matthews, Chris Snodgrass, James Walter, Scott Bell, Jarrett Lindal and Arne Newman. Who are they? The guys who put back breaking work into the creation of the new BLUEPRINT Flow Trail in Cumberland, BC. With the support of Shimano, the United Riders of Cumberland and Mosaic Forest Management, Mark Mathews tells the story of hand building a Blue Square Level flow trail from scratch, with some beautiful shots capturing the fresh trail “appearing”, as if from nowhere, as the rider sails through the air and rails new turns.

mattock hoe trail building tools blueprint flow trail bc

After watching this you may well be inspired to go out and buy yourself a mattock and a hoe. Before breaking new ground, reach out to your local trail association or contact IMBA

BLUEPRINT: Hand Building a Blue Square Level Trail in British Columbia

Blueprint started with a simple idea – to show sections of trail come to life before the viewer’s eyes. Once we broke ground here in Cumberland, BC, the abundance of good dirt was the ultimate inspiration to challenge ourselves to build something that pushed our creativity further than we had planned.

shiamno blueorint trail building process

The corners were just asking to get stacked bigger, faster, and smoother! We visualized, developed, and pushed the limits to create something special for all riders to enjoy: a hand-built, blue square level flow trail you’ll want to lap all day long.

railing berm blueprint flow trail british columbia

I hope our story inspires you to get creative, contribute to your mountain bike community, and have fun with it! For trail builders the trophy is so much more than the trail, it’s an extremely rewarding process. When you have a good crew to share those moments with, it adds a whole new layer of passion to it.

We owe many thanks to @#RideShimano, the United Riders of Cumberland, and Mosaic Forest Management for making this project possible.

  • This project was supported by Shimano.
  • Directors: Scott Bell and Mark Matthews
  • Cinematography and Post Production: Scott Bell
  • Photography: Jarrett Lindal
  • Trail Building: Mark Matthews, Chris Snodgrass, James Walter, Scott Bell, Jarrett Lindal, Arne Newman
  • Special Thanks: United Riders of Cumberland and Mosaic Forest Management

sculpted berms blue square flow trail bc blueprint

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