Finish Line FiberLink tubeless sealant came out of the gate with some bold claims. Initially claiming that it would last the life of the tire, they eventually walked back those claims but continued to sell the latex-free formula. Now, Finish Line is introducing a new FiberLink sealant with the power of natural latex for faster sealing.

Finish Line Fiberlink latex tubeles sealant

Calling it their FiberLink Pro Latex Formula, the sealant supposedly offers a lower viscosity to allow the sealant to quickly find and plug holes. It still uses their Kevlar fibers that interlink and combine with the latex to form a plug for the leak. The main difference seems to be the addition of the natural latex to create a sealant that works quickly, seals punctures up to 8mm, and prevents air loss resulting in a long lasting sealant.

Adding Fiberlink sealant to tire How much finish line fiberlink sealant for tires

Based on their dosage guide, the recommended sealant amounts are in line with other brands.

Finish Line Fiberlink tubeless sealant options

Available in an 8oz squeeze bottle for $12.99, a 32oz bottle for $34.99, or a gallon jug for shop use (price not provided), the sealant will be available this fall.


    • Dinger on

      Does that really count for much? We leave tire rubber as we wear out our tires. Inner tubes that may or may not reach a recycling facility. There’s 1,000 recreation forms that are worse for the environment and the participants. I think cyclists are pretty good stewards of the environment.

  1. Fool Me Once on

    There’s absolutely nothing anyone can say about Finish Line sealant that will ever persuade me to use it again. This sealant was just awful. I know of bike shops that couldn’t give the stuff away. Ended up trashing gallons of it. Can’t believe they’re still trying to fool people into buying it with some fancy rebranding and added ingredients.

    • John Madden on

      I feel the same way. I paid up for a big bottle of their last sealant attempt because I was fired up about how long they said it would last. After using it in my bike and two of my friends’ bikes I feel like I was out the money and a time-consuming, embarrassing hassle. They definitely didn’t put the last generation through adequate testing. Trust them again?

  2. blahblah1233445 on

    Does it still not do the job it’s supposed to do? Like actually sealing a tyre?I thought Slime was the worst sealant, but FL put it to shame in it’s uselessness.

    Stans for me, and if money is no object, then go Orange Seal.

  3. nooner on

    Orange Seal Endurance is my go to. I did try Finish Line and it did fix two small punctures and worked once for me. ymmv.

  4. Seraph on

    Since Stan’s and Orange Seal exist, is there really any reason to have any other sealants out there? I’ve tried a lot of them and there’s really only two good options.

  5. its_jake on

    no no no- the old finish line is fantastic in innertubes. it’s like slime but it works. the mistake was marketing it as a tubeless sealant.

    • Dinger on

      I suspect the original product was borrowed from the Moto/ATV industry, where their tires are high volume/low pressure. This change sounds like they’re mimicking formulas already known to work in bicycle tires.

  6. Derron Tanner on

    OrangeSeal is great, but seems to leave a thick, heavy layer inside your tire. No “stanimals” though, and no ammonia to corrode your tires and spoke nipples. Currently using the new pink Muc-off sealant and it has been great so far. No appreciable loss of air pressure between rides. Two thumbs up! Finishline fooled me with their marketing claims on their last sealant attempt. Fool me once…


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